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  1. Is anyone else concerned about the ETH merger? Its rumoured to be getting much faster transaction speeds at a fraction of the cost. Not sure if im missing something here.

  2. It says my account isnt eligible yet the actual website says I am with all my staked algos… sucks

  3. If you believe, you can achieve!

  4. It's not like I don't have a reason to feel this way, given how long it's dragged on.

  5. Sweating for the 53rd week…

  6. I committed my algos but it doesnt seem like my wallet is being recognized as a governor wallet? Any help appreciated

  7. Can you guys point me in the direction of applying for governance? Is it via pera wallet? When is the next round?

  8. So does governance take place one “pera algo”?

  9. Genuine question as I am quite new to this: Would RVV need to test buci for every single variant that comes out - with substantial results to be considered an effective treatment? Or are results for the original variant good enough?

  10. Abso-lutely. This is the reason I’ve been looking to switch dentists. When they know you have benefits - they milk every penny they can get out of you… its ridiculous.

  11. You know he never hung out with Robert again..

  12. Extra Burger - ill die on that hill

  13. This whole post is synonymous with PAPER HANDS

  14. Hire a kid with a snow plow for like $20

  15. Speaking of timing chains. I have 2015 328xi that Im paranoid about. Any obvious giveaways to look out for in regards to the TC or TCGs?

  16. Man Facebook has become even more stupid. Their “Marketing Experts” in Europe are people from a callcenter who got minimum training, just to present themaelves as superior beeings “who know everything” and IF they REALLY know something, then it is, of course “TURN ON FACEBOOK Automated Placements” or “Turn on Audience Network”. Also stop these videos with 60s length, people don’t watch them. Make them 15 seconds”

  17. To add to this. My agency has been a G Premier Partner for over a decade. We are now suddenly not in the running to achieve premier partner status.

  18. Ah Sounds like the “Golden Shackles”

  19. I had a friend with this exact mentality. That he didn’t want to be a “slave to the system” or be “staring at a screen all day” but once he got his first desk job - his entire perspective flipped on its head.

  20. I don't hold any bitcoin, but your reasoning is pretty silly.

  21. Try setting up a campaign with no campaign objectives

  22. I wouldn’t turn off your comments. It’s amazing insight on what the market thinks of your ad, offer, website. Maybe you can delete bad comments. But turning it off in general is not good for you. If they’re chewing your org apart maybe there’s something you have to work on. Listen to what they’re saying and take insights from it.

  23. This is the response youre looking for. Social listening. Learn from the negative comments and reflect. I cant remember if you can hide comments on Instagram but I know on Facebook you can hide (dont delete) comments. This way, the commenter will still see their own comments but nobody else will.

  24. I'd normally agree with this, but it's a health issue advocacy ad that attracts a lot of trolls, and they're a small organization without the time/resources to constantly monitor comments.

  25. Yeah sensitive material like this will always be difficult to manage. Id like to imagine you’re testing various ads with different verbiage? Sometimes this helps with keeping the trolls at bay but still communicates the message to the right audience.

  26. Sell ads? Can you expand on this? I work in performance marketing and make no where near this figure.

  27. The right hypebeast will pay it and not blink, but if you just want an M4…naw

  28. Its true…hypebeasts will $20k for a toy sculpture the size of a shoe.

  29. Hmmm where have i heard this before?

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