What is your profession? I'd like to know what every stoners job/profession in here is. I think it would be interesting to see what kinda tree lovers we have in here. Give as little or as much info as you want!

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  1. I love how you are getting down voted.

  2. All of these theories that you’re downplaying the importance of are taught and standardized in schools because the properly trained, educated, and objective scientists have conducted experiments, tests and observations that reproduce or corroborate the same result, outcome, or information.

  3. The problem with the thousands of pieces of evidence you are talking about is once you are told what they are, you will always see them for that.

  4. Man the mental gymnastics in this thread is simply astounding. Whatever helps you function in your piece of reality is great but once it impedes on the education and life of others who do not share that same view then it has become hostile.

  5. Can’t wait to see that second number pop up with the duck one day.

  6. I’m sorry but I feel it’s really unfair to exclude the billionaire class from this don’t they need a union too? I mean legally because money = free speech the more billionaires we help the more freedom is protected.

  7. Hey pal, just blow in from stupid town?

  8. As an Ohio state fan, I reluctantly agree

  9. I drive by SRC and Big Jesus everyday. The church never skipped a beat during the covid. They never stopped their services.

  10. As a Monroe high school graduate and a previous resident of the subdivision the ranch backs up to, I was always disgusted that they zoned the area for more shitty warehouses and parking lots.

  11. Irrelevant. We are talking about people, not trees.

  12. Well if that ain’t an old railway station then I’ll be damned

  13. All those tik tok dances turned out to be ritual rain dances

  14. Do you have a source for this MRNA claim?

  15. No, the claim that no MRNA vaccine has been widely produced and distributed before.

  16. Don't think so...Texas is already winning...sorry, mandating a vaccine is unconstitutional...this is a state issue.

  17. Then why does the military do so, a branch of the federal government? Oh yeah, it must not be illegal.

  18. You corroborated my point, dumbass

  19. Doesn't look like they've used tobacco and it's a king sized rizla it's so yeah it's at least 4 grams and no I'm not joking

  20. King sizes hold 1.5 max without tobacco, for most brands

  21. Love the dreaming creek pint in the picture! I’m consider myself lucky to live a block away from the place - my wallet, not so much…

  22. The best two years of my life were the two before 9/11 and I don’t even remember them.

  23. Enjoy my friend. Sour Blue Diesel is one of the best strains in the Ohio MMJ program.

  24. Definitely a good middle of the road hybrid. It knocked me down at first but then I got up and cleaned my kitchen lol.

  25. Because they are forcing social norms to change and it's not based on any real tangible phenomenon. People wouldn't care if it did not impact them, but it does. Boys participating in girls sports, compelled speech, etc. Infringing on other people's lives That's your answer, not that I believe that. Talk to the people once in a while and you'll understand their perspective. Vast majority are not against anyone, but they just don't want the ideology interfering with their family

  26. Asking for you to recognize someones PERSONAL choice, or at the very least tolerate it without being an asshole is NOT Infringing on your life or rights. I hate to break it to you but the social norms now aren’t the same as those from even 10, let alone 50 years ago. Get over yourself and your archaic views. Shit is changing whether you like it or not.

  27. Is work at a local pizza shop as a manager/server and a delivery driver when need be.

  28. Best staff as well. Always nice and always willing to answer questions to the best of their ability.

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