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  1. Per the devs: "The patch will have to be reverted for now, there seem to be multiple issues, most prominently the disappearance of the US and AS servers."

  2. Trying to learn Velan in Bat Saha.. I took the hint from the aspirant outside, but how long do I sit and wait? Been there a while now without anything happening.

  3. Characters will tell you he starts the conversation but you still have to click the button to hear from him.

  4. Is the Traveller's Portal skill available in game, or not yet? This is the skill that is supposed to port you to the Traveller's Meadow. I have all the other backer rewards but haven't been able to find that one.

  5. I give up! sigh What’s going on when I encounter a fellow player and there’s a open book in their speech bubble, for example?

  6. I believe that indicates they are looking at their skill book or equipment. You'll see a speech bubble when they are talking with an NPC, and a handshake when they are trading with NPCs.

  7. How does one remove the curse from the ring? I read that it's possible, but can't find anyone saying how

  8. I just started playing, made my character, got to Crossing and stopped for the night. Logged back in and my character was gone ☹️ Made a new one, got to Myr, had to stop. Logged back in, character is gone. It's supposed to save when you quit, right?

  9. Can someone tell me the entire bat saha/deeplander quest line? I already had the vellan tongue because I didn't visit bat saha for a while and I visited deeplander. She told me to do something which I failed to note down and now I can't find her nor remember what to do next :(

  10. Is there a specific use for guise skills other than just changing your clothing color? As in, is there a purpose to changing the color or is it just for fun?

  11. You're talking about social, physical, mechanical and spiritual, right? Apart from during character creation, I don't think anyone has found a way to permanently increase them. There are plenty of items and teas and things you can use though.

  12. Well, if you say so then it gotta be a bug, because some of the listed are just squares with as question mark...

  13. No, that's working as designed. As I said, you need to speak to the artisan, not just look at the trade window.

  14. My battle stance is at skill level 1 and it doesn't seem to have a 'star' system. How do I level it up? I don't want to try anything on real bandits lol.

  15. Does the game have seasons that change the environment or time limited holidays? A Halloween event going on, or Autumn in game for example?

  16. Good question. I'd put that in the category of things that aren't in yet but which will eventually probably happen.

  17. Ok so when does the night market actually happen? I logged on last night after waiting all week only to discover it empty. If this is a bug it’s a damn annoying one

  18. My character isn't showing up on the character select list, how do I fix this? EDIT~ Ugh, I figured it out, I accidentally made my character on the wrong datacenter. Any way to switch this?

  19. This game doesn't have a quest log like other games, so we need to write it down and memorize clues ourselves right?

  20. Yep, to start with you'll want to keep notes yourself but after a while you'll get to know the people well enough that notes won't be as necessary.

  21. After the patch there have been severe frame rate drops from 60 to 0 fps every few seconds, on a 1080ti that sits comfortablly at 65C and 60-70% usage. Anyone else?

  22. Ive got a 2070 super and I'm also getting severe frame drops from time to time after the patch. Game becomes unplayable when they drop since I get like 5 fps

  23. I have question, can someone explain me all about knots pls, can you use them? How do youbise them? Can everybody/every class use them? Im kinda confused about knots. I have "trading knots", "quest knots" and knots for like nothing?

  24. Knots are used for many things - you'll discover more as you play. As far as ability knots are concerned, anyone can use them but you'll have a much easier time memorising knots that match your wind affinity.

  25. I have an issue where I can't actually select a region in the dropdown menu for servers. Servers never load, but more than that, even the region selection is totally empty. This predates today's rolled back patch. I haven't been able to log in once since purchasing the game days ago.

  26. Damn, man, I wish I could help but there are only so many tools in the toolbag right now. Maybe it's possible to find the relevant IP addresses and use traceroute to check you have a valid path. Also, what kind of hardware/software are you running? I hear Mac users were having problems but somebody figured out a fix.

  27. How do you get on a train? I just keep walking straight through it and I don't see my cursor change or anything.

  28. When you can board the train, you'll see an interaction icon with a train appear above the car. The one time I took the train, my character didn't actually perform any kind of animation to board, but I still made it to the destination.

  29. Hey I just want to let you know that every time I’ve stacked my knot of thankful wishes above ten they disappear. Maybe it hasn’t happened to everyone but I’ve lost over fifty of them now. Just be careful

  30. Absolutely keep them - won't tell you what for because discovery is always more exciting when you find it for yourself, but they are definitely worth the inventory space (and stack to 90)

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