Game Thread: Angels @ Braves - Sat, Jul 23 @ 07:20 PM EDT

  1. I remember years ago on here arguing for Riley when he was coming up and everyone kept saying “too many strikeouts, fielding not good enough” but I watched him make adjustments at every level…. Haven’t changed my flair since.

  2. Watching the In play (outs) come across gameday at the exact same time Unc struck out the final batter was pretty satisfying

  3. First AB looked good. Also, he's been out working extra with high velocity pitching machine. So, that's a positive... He's aware there's a problem and he's working on it.

  4. Could be worse - anyone noticing these overweight women walking around with the bare midriff bellies? (Think CYE episode if you watch that.) WTF?

  5. Mutts down to their last out. They've gotten the leadoff batter on in 6 of 9 innings. The ineptitude is glorious(and kinda sad).

  6. Been waiting for what feels like ages for the angels come to town, had tickets for tomorrow, got Covid 🤬

  7. As an angels fan also, I’ve been screaming and askin why barria is always the mop up guy. This team is so fucked pathetic 🤣

  8. Bottom of the 9th. Padres gotta hold the Mets with a 2-run lead...which can be tough to do at times.

  9. Hey guys, I watch a lot of baseball on tv, (not D1 all pro) and my analysis is that the Braves are playing really well right now.

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