Buddhism and adult industry

  1. Honen, the founder of the Jodo Shu sect of Pure Land buddhist often would teach sexworkers, calling them "Amidas most welcome guests". Amida is a kind of cosmic Buddha (rather than the historic Shakyamuni Buddha most are familiar with), who is the Buddha of infinite light and life.

  2. What you said about those that may be stuck in undesirable life outcomes : “it’s simply the result of their karma” could you send a link to more information about this topic specifically? Is it possible for acts of compassion in this lifetime to transform their life for the better? (this seems to be happening to me)

  3. this sounds like after death you can get to the pure disco land of this cosmic Buddha where a lot of party happens. perhaps a Buddha from Valhalla?

  4. This is such a welcoming and informative answer. I don't know much about Pureland Buddhism, but I'll definitely be looking into it after reading this. Thank you!!

  5. The point of the path is to grow in your understanding. Every step of the path should help, in terms of supporting well being. My exp is there is value in really understanding what is being talked about broadly. Does it make sense? Is it something you want to practice however you can? If so, do so, and accrue the benefits you can.

  6. And according to Buddhism, those soldiers are doing something absolutely reprehensible that will result in lifetimes of suffering after they die. It's absolutely unacceptable to make excuses for these things when the Buddha taught so clearly that they were immoral, unwholesome, and harmful occupations.

  7. Alot of different and interest awnsers for this question. Thank you guys, that's why I love buddhism. I'm still reading them all

  8. I would suggest also checking out Bhagwat Geeta as well, it's a text in Hinduism even though Buddhism originally started from Hinduism and has more in-depth philosophy

  9. Without overthinking the question to involve the entire adult industry as a whole, you specifically/directly are contributing to many people's continued cravings and arising of non-beneficial thoughts and desires.

  10. Also I don't think is wrong like in a abrahamic sense. But maybe I'm contributing to increase men's lust which will continue to keep them in samsara?

  11. There seems to be much wise reflection and wisdom already on your part. You may find that continuing the good practice will bring you more clarity. Much metta to you.

  12. There are four stages of enlightenment. The first is a Sotapanna. A Sotapanna still has sexual desire, and will still seek out sexual partners. A lay persons goal should be sotapanna, which doesn't require renunciation of lust.

  13. The book "Sex, Sin and Zen" by Brad Warner is one that describes this specific topic in detail. He even interviewed a porn star who is an active Buddhist in the book and talked about how practice affects her work and vice versa. I found it to be an easy read because it greatly interested me and hopefully you do too. Edit: the actress in question is Nina Hartley and Brad Warner is an American Buddhist monk

  14. Note that in the sutra of Yodhājı̄va the following sutras have an elephant soldier and a cavalry chief take refuge but none give up their careers.

  15. In Buddhism, negative karma is what harms oneself, or harms another person/s, or harms both oneself & another. Read about this here:

  16. You might be interested in Himalayan Vajrayana (e.g. Tibetan Buddhism). There are entire Buddhist lineages that pass through sex workers. The 12 links start with ignorance, not sex work.

  17. it's highly discouraged and personally i regard that whole industry as evil for the things it's done to me and other women. it contradicts right livelihood, which is a key part of the Noble Eightfold path. there are Buddhists who are soldiers, who are butchers, who sell alcohol, but these things are ultimately all unskillful and lead to a worse rebirth. idk how your situation is, but there are lots of resources to help you leave.

  18. It's a nuanced question. I think it's pretty clear that the Buddha would not have seen this sort of thing as any kind of respectable or beneficial occupation. There are many ethical problems sex work poses in the Buddhist context, which might not be something people who glorify it wasn't to hear, but that's how it is. If certain forms of acting (or acting done for certain purposes) were defined to be ultimately harmful to self and others, working in the adult industry certainly is so as well.

  19. Perhaps a more direct route towards a more positive life could be for Op to ask, what kinds of affects their work has on others? What does Op think of the people who consume their content? Does Op wish them well and does the Ops work help them have a good life?

  20. I would question the assertions thar sex work is not any kind or respectable or beneficial occupation. Or that it would not have been condoned by the Buddha. Life is not so clear cut. Sex work can ease suffering for those who may not be able to find intimacy on their own; such as with a disabled person. own. Perhaps the sex worker is a single mother who can make more money with sex work than a standard job, and can do so with fewer hours put in. Thus, this woman is able to be present more often to nurture that child. Is that not beneficial? The Buddha was primarily concerned about helping us to ease our suffering in the world. So the primary question for the OP would be whether their work brings them more suffering than it eases.

  21. This just isn't true, though - the Buddha judged people all the time. He condemns all sorts of behaviors, occupations, ideas, etc. Of course everyone is free to do whatever they want, but Buddhism isn't just a bumper sticker that says "be nice to everyone."

  22. I think the most important thing would be first and foremost, "Are you SAFE?" not just now but to also make sure you're safe throughout your life.

  23. As others have said if you think something is bad it's because it is, you are using your body and harming not only yourselve but others, just like drug dealing, as others have said the fact you are a prostitute doesn't mean you cannot be a Buddhist, in fact you need to seek a way to get our of this, the porn industry is bad for the body and mind (that's science) imagine for your soul.

  24. While various schools of Buddhism have different views about the obligations and responsibilities of lay practitioners, all forms of Buddhism are very clear that sensual pleasures are a foundational root of human suffering and would oppose the "adult industry" in its entirety. Anyone can practice Buddhism to whatever degree they'd like - there are soldiers and butchers and weapons dealers who are Buddhists too, I'm sure - but participation in any industry that involves selling sex or sexual arousal is obviously against the Buddha's teachings and will, according to Buddhism, bring you great suffering in the end.

  25. Fair question. The arising of lust is not considered good in Buddhism, and I've never seen any kind of sex work that doesn't result in a whole lotta lust.

  26. How do you think your work affects the people who consume your content? Is it spreading calmness and peace? Is your work thoughtful which is attached to good karma?

  27. So it looks like you have your answer. Buddhists (at least on Reddit) can be as judgmental as followers of other religions.

  28. Although this sutta seems to imply otherwise (not sure what to make of it just putting it out for consideration)

  29. I think that a lot of it comes down to specifics of your situation. Do you do it because you find the work empowering and it enables you to help others? Is anyone forcing you to do the work? Does your work actively harm yourself or others? The answers to these questions can help direct you.

  30. Buddhism is inherently "sex-negative," what are you talking about? Read what the Buddha says about sex and tell me that he would ever have approved of prostitution? Come on. This is ridiculous.

  31. Imo don’t concern yourself with that. Milarepa literally murdered someone and became a wonderful respected teacher. The Buddha wasn’t a gatekeeper. Zen is filled with bodhisattva antics that seem “impure.” Seung Sahn the Korean zen master used to have a Playboy centerfold poster in the dharma room, calling her a great bodhisattva. Move forward with right intention and incorporate the wisdom of your actions. That’s all you can do.

  32. One of the Buddha’s five precepts for lay people is to refrain from sexual misconduct. My understanding is that would include things like adultery but not sure where adult industry would fit; see

  33. I will warn you there is a lot of sex negativity in many Buddhist circles - ignore it, it’s merely antiquated patriarchy getting in the way of the actual healing at the core of the teaching.

  34. I find it interesting that so many people are attacking the sex industry, it seems from more of a realm of personal opinion rather than a place of enlightenment.

  35. Tomorrow I’ll skim a couple of books. I think Zen Master Seung Sahn has answered questions similar to this. Obviously the words of a man who dedicated his life to the dharma, will carry more weight than those of us who can only study in pass times.

  36. The thing to look out for, as others have mentioned, is trafficking. Slavery and taking others' freedom is bad karma.

  37. You're a model, right? To the extent that you may be involved with art, is art bad? There's an implication that your modeling may be part of the sex industry. To the extent that you may be facilitating sexual arousal, is sexual arousal bad? To the extent that you may be facilitating masturbation, is masturbation bad?

  38. I think the fact that you are asking the question indicates that you know deep down what you are doing is somehow harmful. As other users have said, we can't all begin our journey as monks. The important thing is reflecting, admitting the truth to ourselves, and working to improve. Be kind yet honest with yourself and good luck on your path.

  39. Buddhism is the doctrine and study of suffering. Nothing but. Does working in the adult industry make you suffer, and does it make others suffer, and how?

  40. I can't think of anything within Buddhism that says it's bad. Business in human beings is forbidden which would include sex trafficking but so long as all parties consent, I don't see how that would be a problem.

  41. Ok there are lots of opinions here and I’m no monk. But my two cents are this: Buddhism is one of the only religion that doesn’t really have one “bible.” I think, for a reason. And as I explore my relationship with Buddhism, what I’m realizing is that Buddhism is really a philosophy to become connected with the self in this present moment, without harming others. So if your profession makes it harder for you to do this, then maybe it won’t be beneficial for your Buddhism practice. If not, then carry on. Live your life. Enjoy. Find peace

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  43. They're different rules for monks and lay people if you were a monk the answer would be no you can't do this from the rules that he gives to his followers is no sexual misconduct what does that exactly mean i don't kon he does not go into detail but from what I can get is that it's probably like cheating or raping somebody but i don't know so as long as you don't want to become a monk you're fine

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