Tutorial Tuesday : February 01 2022

  1. Any advice on balancing playing tall and funding my men at arms (and what comp?)? I started 866 Norse guy in England and have slowly been building up my development and buildings in the capital. Right now I have 6-7 gold a month and growing, but this last war I had to panic buy some additional Men at arms (MAA). Gold Maintenace is now less, but fine. What's a good balance, both in quantity of MAA and composition of siege, and types? I never know if I should go archer, footman, heavy, add calvery, or focus on two.

  2. Comps are more or less negligible because it gets outperformed by stacking buildings. Three of four Norse unique MaAs stack with barracks and vigmen are the outliers. Hold off on varangians until you have the econ to support them as their maintenance is extremely expensive. If youre playing tall, then siege engines aren't that useful and don't affect raiding speeds. Make good use the martial councilors task, its recently been changed but train better commanders USETO also decrease maintenance but its since been shifted to organize. So if you're in an active battle use better commanders and if you're raiding organize to decrease maintenance. Focus on knights, its where norse excel at and dont require maintenance.

  3. Just wondering if anyones figured this out yet, can you form Rome through Italia as a non-Italian now with the new update? Previously it strictly required the Italian culture, but with the changes to culture and the addition of diverging it I was wondering if you could do it as anyone who's culture has Italian vulgar as the language. I really wanted to go for it with a Greek-Italian hybrid culture.

  4. In general, you want to combine your special troops (e.g. in your case the Czech Heavy Infantry), which get a bonus over regular Heavy Infantry, with what ever counters the unit that would counter your Heavy Infantry, so that you don't get wiped if you run into an all Light-Infantry army.

  5. How do I spread my court language other than having a high level of grandeur? Will installing rulers of my culture have any effect?

  6. I recently made a german empire run and wanted to create the "german culture". But it looks like i actually have to come up with one myself and cant just use the existing ones. With the culture rework i expected taht i could fuse the Bavarians/Saxons/Franconians/swabians to one big german culture. But if my cultural acceptance for the franconians is at 100 i still cant merge them. I could only to so with the frankish culture from which the franconians Split off.

  7. You can't merge cultures with the same heritage (in this case, central germanic), presumably because doing so would logically just create the original culture.

  8. You can also reform your religion so that temple holdings can be ruled by your character, giving you a great extra boost to taxes and levies

  9. IMO its always useful to build cities and temples. Be aware you need atleast one temples befor being able to build a 2nd City.

  10. How much of that income is actually transferred to you depends on your realm priest's opinion of you. The minimum is 0, the maximum is 50%.

  11. I have a big question. Is there any was to convert culture/religion of a dutchy without using your council. I mean is like a passive way or any different way for it (perks/focuses etc.).

  12. Vassals will almost 100% concert their own country to their own religion. Thats not much to bother about. Be aware they will definitly do this. So you better not covert their county unless they are already your Religion. Otherwise they will simply convert it back to "their own" religion.

  13. Can anyone just give me some general tips on keeping an empire together? I feel like I can’t conquer anymore land because I’m constantly fighting a brutal civil war every decade or so. I feel like so many people have a claim to the English throne ( I’m playing as Britannia). Even after winning a major civil war my character was 68 years old so I knew he was at deaths door and executed every single claimant that rose against me and my heir is already facing a faction with 6 vassals in it to install a new claimant that is not my direct family as my last character had a single child (that being me) and all his siblings had passed of old age before him. I’m a bit new to the game and this is the first empire I was able to create.

  14. Is there some trick to spreading your hybrid culture? Ive tried installing lords of the culture i want, messing around with acceptance etc, and the steward personally changing a county culture 14years at a time....

  15. Am I crazy or did the fort level of the holding I'm actively sieging just upgrade from 3 to 4??? I know it did, because my siege time went from 3 to 6 months! How is this possible to upgrade a holding's defense level while it's actively being sieged? Surely this doesn't make sense?

  16. Why on earth can you not form a hybrid culture with one of the same heritage as yours?? I wanted to create the Uber Celtic culture as the king of Brittany, but apparently since Breton and Cornish are too compatible, I can't blend them together? This sucks, I guess I'll have to wait till I get to Ireland to get to merge cultures, and that's going to take a while since I was planning on hitting Wales next. My thinking was that it makes sense to start with a similar core base for my Celtic culture and then expand to other (historically accurate) areas that are a little less culturally divergent. That's why I was going to go to Wales first and then hit up the Irish isle, but this discovery is a bummer!

  17. Also, how do I improve relations with a foreign culture before invading any of their land, is that possible? I only know of that steward command but that requires you to control their territory first.

  18. They’ve changed some things with factions, but it’s really not working. The new update makes it way easier for people to get vassalized, but strangely these people who are happy to join my realm always immediately join independence factions. The worst part is that even if I bribe them or put them on the council (don’t have time to sway before they rise up) they’ll stay in the faction and fight me even if they have a great opinion of me. It doesn’t make sense thematically or gameplay wise, and I hope the system gets reworked because people don’t leave factions even if they love me.

  19. I'm new to CK, and it feels like they want to make a 'challenging' 'wargame' instead of a fun game about relationships and history. But, that falls apart when some moron like me can do pretty good (I think?) on their first run just by being patient and working through the setbacks.

  20. Hello I'm past Viking that adventures to pomelania and made Gdańsk it's capitol and after a bit embraced lokal traditions. Pomeranians has an unique tradition telnet that status "maritime trade allies building of tradeports in tribal era" my question is can you build those tradeports in tribal settlement or you have to go feudal first (which is a gigantic pain in 867 start with low development and inovations). I was somewhat cheeky and promoted norse culture in one county before I converted and I'm planning on hybridising pomeranian with norse(which at this point separated into Norwegian Swedish and danish). Year is 940 now and my captiol has 6 development. Should I focus my next characters on learning to get innovationsor abandon hybridising all together and switch to polish which becomes more dominant in counties(which is far behind norse yet).

  21. I'd suggest sticking with norse. The issue with being norse though is your not the culture head so you can't affect innovations nor traditions. However, norse have culture blending tradition, which dramatically reduces the prestige cost and quickens acceptance. As long as your not chain declaring wars with the culture you wish to hybridize with, you'll reach the acceptance requirement within one lifetime. Once hybridized you'll become the culture head.

  22. I have 6k levies, but I usually only keep it 1/3rd full. Why is this? Is it my Vassal’s not providing their full amount? For reference I’m in 890 northern England.

  23. I wanna get the mother of all achievements for the new dlc and i already got my first empire pretty damn quick. Issue is i am afraid if i snowball too fast and hard i may end up giving up titles ( empires) before i get heredity rule but if I don’t snowball i may end up having a much harder time getting the tiles later in the game. For some reason I didn’t have this issue before this dlc and i am not sure why Anyway, advice? Thanks!

  24. Can't you just avoid conquering full empire? Leave some duchies independent so that you lack provinces to form second empire.

  25. You don't necessarily need to worry about not being able to snowball. Your only real enemies will be the Abbasids, Fatimids, and your own vassals (seriously, these guys will get pissed if you're not careful.)

  26. Hello! My wife inherited a barony and has left my court. I have a few questions: Should I kill/divorce her? Also, will my primary heir inherit the barony if she were to be tragically bitten by a tarantula? Thanks

  27. What do you guys do with all the extra items you dont need? Do you just give them away or let them get destroyed? Is there a way to sell them? Seems like waste of money since I have to repair them

  28. I either give them away, let them decay, or if my inventory is getting too overwhelmed, just destroy them myself. With a good antiquarian, every once in a while you'll get an event to sell an artifact.

  29. Anyone know why I can't hire an executioner? When I go to the position, no candidates are eligible, and when I look at the greyed out box for any given prisoner, the tooltip has the exclamation mark and says "All of these:" but then the fields are completely empty. I assume it's yet another bug.

  30. The main criteria is they can't be landed and you have to have a valid imprisonment reason. Which means almost all of my executioners have been female courtiers that got arrested for adultery.

  31. In addition to what people below are saying, there are some major other factors to consider. First, your domain is your best source of income, as you're getting 100% of what it produces. The key here is to make sure you keep your domain something easy to inherit to get your ROI. For example, finding a county with 6 or 7 baronies, making that your capital, and making as many castles as you can will mean there's 4 or 5 castles that you NEVER lose on inheritance, so any money put in will pay off over time.

  32. Buildings are expensive, but they actually do add quite a bit, depending on what terrain you're in. Take, for example, a single-county ruler in an 867 start who only controls one holding and has no vassals. If they're a clan or feudal ruler, they control a motte that produces 0.4 gold per month. Terrible, of course. But even the worst money-producing buildings will make 0.2 gold per month, in other words increasing their holding income by 50%. The best, the manor houses (only available if the holding is on Farmlands) increases it by 0.7, nearly tripling income straight off. If you fully upgrade the motte to a fortress it will produce 1.3 gold per month--but so will a bad income building, while the manor houses will produce 3.8, almost quadrupling overall income by themselves.

  33. Buildings, Stewardship skill, Stewardship perks. If you are paying for your Royal Court amenities and court positions, that is something you have to plan for to keep a good income with that, especially as your realm gets bigger. Buildings don't exactly pay off in 10 years or less, but you need the passive income or you'll be in debt eventually.

  34. So, I'm not exactly a noob--besides 100 hours in CK3 I also have 300 or 400 in CK2 and even played a bit of CK1 back in the day--but that doesn't mean that I have a brilliant or even particularly good handle on a lot of the mechanics.

  35. If your domain has a lot of desert/oasis/floodplains, I would go all in on building camelry buildings and focusing on knights and light cavalry. The Camelry buildings boost knights AND light cavalry. Assuming you are using a eugenics program to get most of your dynasty to have herculean, and using your spare daughters to matrilinealrly marry off to add high prowess characters to your court, knights are really crazy once you have like 30+ knights with 200% or more effectiveness.

  36. I'm spamming military camps, have 2 archery grounds, and I'm trying to get the 2 traditions that add +10% to archer damage. How can I buff my archers further?

  37. How do you keep the primogeniture of Byzantium if you want to take it over as a vassal? Does getting a claim through marriage/the stewardship perk and then using a faction work?

  38. As long as you inherit it, you keep primogeniture. Just have your son marry an eligible daughter to the throne, then start murdering all her brothers.

  39. What bonuses do cities get under Parochialism? I like the idea of prosperous cities, but if it's like a 2% multiplicative bonus or something, it won't feel relevant.

  40. What happens is that every kingdom has a designated "de jure" capital county (which is the one where the shield hovers if you look at the de jure mode, at least if it hasn't been created yet). The AI will try to locate their capital there if possible, and will immediately get the capital county for free if they control no other counties. This prevents doing things like destroying a kingdom merely by taking the counties that the king controls, which can be relatively easy if partition has worked its magic and they only actually control one county. Of course, you always have other titles, so this never benefits you (directly, anyway), and if you want it back you have to revoke it the old-fashioned way.

  41. Right clicking on the character you want to arrange a marriage with is the way to do it, but only limits you to people in your court. Is your son currently at your court? Is he betrothed already? Is there something preventing him from marrying anyone, like getting castrated?

  42. I dont think thats a new problem, I had it a while ago. I googled the error message + ck3 and deleted some files and that fixed it for me.

  43. Why does the entire world adopt Arabic as their court language? On my current game I'm one of the very few courts that doesn't have Arabic as it's court language

  44. Are you using any mods? There was a thread here a while back with the exact same issue, and it turned out to be a mod issue.

  45. Don't have an answer because I'm struggling with this too. Vassals in the range of +10 to +70 opinion with me are joining these factions on a succession, bringing all their allies, hiring mercs, and ending up with me vs. an army 10-20x my size, every. single. succession. Then I can start a faction to take the throne back but this rarely leaves me in a strong position if I can get the faction off the ground in the first place, resulting in yet another war for the throne when the very same vassals who supported my claim then support someone else's claim. Sometimes I try to roll with it but more often than not I either get crushed into dust or just rage quit once I hit the faction deposition spiral.

  46. Conquered lecce from the Byzantine empire and while waiting for the war score to tick over I sieged Constantinople I captured the child emperor. I won the war anyways without capturing him so what would be the best thing to do with him? Force conversion? I captured someone else with a claim, do some shenanigans to get my dynasty on their throne?

  47. If you have 100% warscore and capture the enemy leader, they'll be released automatically when you enforce demands. So the best course of action is to ransom them or mess with them, like disfiguring or execution

  48. yeah get your dynasty onto that throne if you can...you can later either try to reunite those branches of your dynasty or just use your family-connection to get a claim.

  49. How do I destroy/sell artifacts? Winning wars floods my court with cheap crud I can't gift away, that takes forever to decay, making finding things difficult.

  50. The first two things I feel like are going to get tweaked in a patch. Id also like to be able to destroy artifact, even to the point of having an event around stealing your opponents artifacts and just throwing them in the garbage.

  51. I just reached a new era and unlocked the ability to add a new cultural tradition but... how do I do that? On the culture screen, it says 7/8 traditions, but there's not button to add a new tradition. Do I have to wait some number of years after I reach the new era? Or is it bugged?

  52. Is anyone else broke after Royal Court? In order to keep my Grandeur at a decent level I'm paying like 14 gold a month in upkeep! Than I'm paying another 5 in court positions!

  53. To add to the other responses, you can't merge the same culture group. For instance, irish, welsh, Scottish and English all fall in the same group. It'll say at the top when looking at culture. If you want to add longbows then you'll have to reform or add a tradition. Longbow is a regional tradition and has requirements which you can check [here] (

  54. You click the culture you want to merge with and it’ll show you the cultural acceptance, as soon as it’s 40% you can merge them

  55. If you don't even have the option to revoke their titles check their feudal contracts to see if they're protected from title revocation. I doubt all of them are but it's possible that the first few you clicked on had it.

  56. What is the best way to search for artifacts? I have the accomplished forger perk so I can buy claims, but it is not an easy process to find good artifacts to buy claims on. It does not help that my empire rules all of Europe so there are fewer external candidates to choose from. I am working on the achievement Brave and Bold.

  57. Ive rarely seen the ai forge useful inventory artifacts, theyre usually crap. You could search for court artifacts, but you’ll still have to sift through a ton of house/dynasty banner ones.

  58. For me, the game ran, but I lost all of my prestige and faith and dynasty grandeur. There were also random things out of place, like my son having an entirely different character model and all of my modifiers and gained traits being gone. I ditched the game because so much of it was ruined.

  59. Instant crash for me. If it does load, it will probably corrupt the save so if trying out of curiosity (because it def won't work) back them up first.

  60. So I'm playing as Bohemia in 1066 under the HRE going for the achievement to become emperor with that dynasty. At first I could vote as one of the electors but after my first character died, no one since has the ability to vote. I'm stronger then the emperor and control about 10 duchies and the Bohemia kingdom title, but I can't vote and no one is voting for me. I guess I could claim the throne on him, but I thought this would be more organic.

  61. When do I unlock heavy cavalry? Or is it locked to a certain culture or region? I’m playing a Duke in West Francia so French Catholic. The year is 948.

  62. It's unlocked with Arched Saddles in the Early Medieval period. Sadly, it's not worth using in Western Europe as there is essentially no buffs to them with any building.

  63. When over Duchy/domain limits what's the best way for me to decide which ones I should keep and which ones I should grant away?

  64. One important thing to note is that in partition succession the game wants to give away top tier titles. So if you have two duchies and two sons, one of those duchies is going away.

  65. You need to reform your culture, which requires being the cultural head. The empty slot will let you chose a new tradition.

  66. I'm working on getting enough land to become an emperor. Right now I have my realm very neat and tidy with single duchies to rulers with forced partition in contracts. With this setup it stays tidy and even if a vassal gains extra land they lose it on succession so they can't get hugely powerful.

  67. Kings are for when you are near or over your vassal limit, or when you can’t keep all your dukes happy. If you can keep them all loyal, keeping the kingdom titles means for money and levies for you. If you expand beyond a de jure empire at some point, a vassal king to handle vassal dukes of a different culture would be wise.

  68. The Capital of a realm (kingdom, duchy etc.) is usually shown as a banner/shield thing. Depends on your zoom level if you can see it though. When at war with someone, they have swords and fire or something over them. So look around for that. It may be somewhere weird like the corner of their realm or something. I think you can also see the capital of your enemies by clicking on them and then their main realm to see de jure capital. I’m pretty sure that’s the war target (may be multiple if they have allies ) but if an enemy is large you’ll need to conquer more land than just that and/or defeat a sizable portion of their army.

  69. Did the difficulty change with the new dlc/ ai has gotten better or has it stayed the same and i have gotten worse.

  70. Most realms appear to more stable. Last time I played CK3 all big empires: khazaria, Seljuk, Byzantine, etc. would all collapse under endless factions. Now most of them stay stable for a long time and expand. I also noticed less factions myself, played an entire campaign without a single one launching

  71. I've found it a bit tougher too. I think they've made some balancing changes which make things feel different. I think most of it is to do with gold. Inspired people are a huge money sink and I think a lot of the cash I would normally spend on upgrading my domain is going towards artifacts and adventures which means buildings and men at arms are taking a lot longer to build up.

  72. What’s a good relatively safe + quiet realm to start with? And also how can I stop factions from forming trying to reclaim the realm for themselves? I’m veeeery new to the franchise 😅

  73. I had an amazingly fun game as like, uh, custom ruler in modern-day Burma/Myanmar, se corner of the map! Just - don't play any 'eastern' religion, my custom ruler was Han Taoist with the goal of creating a 'competitor dynasty' that would attempt to invade China proper later?

  74. I like to start in (southern) Sardinia as a count. You can easily conquer the duchy. As an island, it's easy to defend and you can build trade ports in every holding. And you have access to a special mine building.

  75. Hard to say that Ireland and Iceland can get any more quiet or safe but there is a problem in that it can be very boring since there is no action for the most part.

  76. Can I get some advice on transitioning to feudalism? I'm doing an Iron Man save and this is only my second game so I'm pretty nervous. I have:

  77. I havent played CK3 for a while and like to pick your brains when it comes to the new "Turkish Eagle" achievement. What do you guys think will be the best tactic?

  78. I just picked the Byz apart during their civil wars. Get Kilikya first, it’s a great home base and Tarsus is one of the best counties, it can fit 5 holdings

  79. I was playing as a tribal ruler playing in Lithuania but I have so much trouble becoming feudal and keeping my realm from fracturing. Does anyone have any tips?

  80. Is there a mod or a setting that disables the dynamic map? (as in no more terrain map mode when zooming in, just realm color)

  81. The wiki page on hired forces says that holy orders get 200 levies and half of a knight for each of their holdings. Is that in addition to whatever the holding would normally produce, or instead of that? Thank you!

  82. This has probably been asked a lot, but I read something that said we won't be able to continue our pre-royal court saves after royal court dlc drops, is this correct? Bummer if so.

  83. So main benefits are innovations which are limited as a tribal, income which is also limited, and also strength of troops.

  84. Innovations. As tribal you're stuck in the tribal era, and can't research innovations beyond what you have. Eventually the martial advantages you have as tribal early in the game vs. feudal/clan will be lost by superior tech from your neighbors as they are able to develop holdings, get more men-at-arms, etc. etc. Additionally, as you get bigger, being stuck in confederate partition will make keeping your realm together harder and harder. It also opens you up to more challenges to the throne from higher prowess dynasts.

  85. Why so panicky? You just need to get that kingdom title and then everything is resolved. Brian's son will of course still try to kill him off for the throne because this is ck3

  86. I'm really really trying to get into the game. I do very much enjoy the early game, but everything goes to shit when my first character dies. I guess "Player heir" doesn't translate to "Heir of all my fucking shit" which is extremely annoying. I'm struggling to make gold as selling hooks and waiting a ludicrous amount of time for my buildings to be constructed is just not efficient. I've watched tutorials and read guides, but it's a lot to learn, and a lot to take in. This game is way more complicated than Hoi4/Stellaris. I'm definitely not giving up, though.

  87. A perspective to remember about ck3. You can play this as a "how big and fast can I blob my color" game. There are plenty of ways to get to better succession laws quick and keep second heirs dead or disinherited so your chosen son gets it all. It's doable.

  88. Managing succession has a couple options. 1. With a Kingdom primary title you can put an elective law on your capital duchy, when you hold all the land - you decide who inherits the whole duchy. Must have a Kingdom title as primary for this to work. It can also be done by holding multiple duchy titles with an elective law on 1 duchy, but it’s kinda wonky. 2. Big counties, a lot of the capital counties are big and have room for multiple castles, this lets you always inherit 3 or 4 domain holdings and makes succession wars easier with some banked cash. You can just pull a duchy from someone who revolted after the war. This is how I play Muslim realms because they don’t have elective laws. Also upgrade your buildings & hire good men at arms. Barracks will enhance your MaA and the Levee+ bonus scales with Development, increasing over time. The more troops you personally command, the harder it is for vassals to hit press demands. Good MaA is Armored Footmen by default. Hire all Armored Footmen + 1 siege regiment, ignore counters. You can replace armored footmen with cultural units if you have access, varagians, horse archers, forest wardens etc.

  89. Have only one of the highest level of holdings (i.e. duchy if you're a duke, or kingdom if you're a king) until you can research and implement better succession laws to avoid shattering your territory. Also come to terms with the fact that you won't be the direct ruler of "all your fucking shit" as that's the point of feudalism - ruling vassals instead of ruling all of the land yourself. Choose a heartland of three-four counties (usually the ones that are in the "main" duchy) and focus on developing it, and take care to have your heir actually inherit it, leave the rest to the vassals and spares.

  90. Ok so I'm playing Iceland from 926 or something and I see I have Elephant retinues available to me after a few years... What's goin on there??

  91. If you play as a culture that doesnt have any counties assigned to it, it will technically qualify for every innovation that is region restricted, but since your average development is also 0, its really slow.

  92. I have the duchy of Nordmark/Luticia, which is apparently supposed to be Ostmark, but I'm still not an elector in the HRE. I've tried reloading already, anyone knows what's up with that?

  93. Some would argue Buddhism is more a way of life/philosophy than an organized religion. Outside of that, you can reform a religion and pretend it's agnostic

  94. Here’s a checklist from start of game to as much success as you can have. Might miss something but this is what I do. I used to run Alfonso starts.

  95. Once the scheme is up you can look at the list of potential agents and see who can be bribed to support your scheme which will raise its success chance.

  96. You need more people that like you more than Sancho in his court. More diplomacy can help. Seducing women and then marrying them off to courtiers in his court can help. And if you haven't, make sure you check for potential co-conspirators who just need some money to be swayed to your cause.

  97. If you form the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles, you'll become feudal and able to raid while feudal for 100 more years, even if you reform your religion. Unfortunately, you can't build mines while tribal.

  98. i have no idea what i’m doing in ck3, but i’m having fun! i lasted 3 generations in the tutorial until i got my title revoked after a liege war because my new liege hated me. and my grandson ended up as the king of Aquitaine in my second game. i have no idea how that happened.

  99. Beside what's been mentioned befriend or romance the rulers spymaster. Seriously a corrupt spymaster is the single biggest threat because not only will they not stop the scheme they'll even join it. For this reason never ever have a spymaster that hates you. You're better off having a crappier spymaster that likes you than one that wants you dead.

  100. I am hopeless at this game, I have ran through the Murchad tutorial twice with plans of taking over Ireland and then I just become stumped and don't know how to progress from there, declare war on a neighbour, or anything to progress my position.

  101. Remember it's a grand strategy game set over 400 - 600 years (depending on your start). Sometimes you just have to sit tight a bit and work on your buildings and wait for circumstances to be good for you to strike

  102. Feel like I am getting most of the game down and I have a very solid run as Leon going. I have a few questions on succession and renown.

  103. How do "designate heir" and elective succession interact? I recently found out that "seniority" is basically the same as "primogenitur" when combined with designate heir that is why I'm wondering about elective.

  104. There's quite a lot of dead time but you can speed the game up. This game is currently quite light on content outside of war and intrigue. The Royal Court DLC will add a lot of stuff that fills that empty gap so there'll be a lot more to do. There's mods to add events and other stuff to flesh things out too.

  105. An action-packed title, this is not. That said, you could try increasing the game speed if you’re not playing on the highest setting already.

  106. As feudal, get Golden Obligations from the Steward tree. Put your spymaster in a Empire court to find secrets, sell hooks, make money. Keep an eye on Spain, you can offer to defend against a Holy War

  107. Is there somewhere summary of what Royal Court will add and change? I really don't want to read months worth of dev diaries.

  108. When going for the Al-Andalus achievement: if your culture starts as Iberian Muslim can it then change to a non Iberian culture and still have the achievement go off?

  109. I don't think so. By the way it's phrased it sounds like it only matters what you started as but I think you have to start as an Iberian Muslim and still be one when the achievement conditions are fulfilled in order for it to go off.

  110. I recently waged war on a neighboring theocratic vassal. Because they were a theocracy their capital was the temple holding and they had a baron in the castle holding. When I won the war I got the temple holding instead of the castle and now the baron is my vassal. I am feudal (Duke) so this is the wrong holding type for me.

  111. You can't give your chaplain holdings, he only leases out the temple holdings in your personal domain. Granting a county with a capital that is a temple will just turn that person into a theocratic vassal, e.g. a bishop, automatically, the same way that granting a county with a city capital like Pisa or Luni will automatically turn them into a republican vassal without first needing to be a baron.

  112. You can revoke the title and change the main holding to a castle i think, or give just the castle barony away without giving the county away, then give that castle baron the county.

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