What are some more ideas for some creepy woods encounters? How might I get my players to wander off the Svalich Road for these woods encounters?

  1. This may have been taken from someone on this forum but I used this twice with good success. I had Strahd polymorphed as a white horse tied to a tree. The horse is surrounded by wolves and the players hear it crying out. When they come to rescue the horse, the wolves turn on them and attack. Once the wolves are defeated, the players approach the scared horse and it lets out a creepy human laugh. Suddenly it vanishes into a cloud of mist.

  2. Have them find a burlap sack on the side of the road. It’s full of feet. Just feet. No further explanation.

  3. If your party is anything like mine, that would have them super paranoid and it would become a full session of its own lol. For shits, I would even recommend just an odd number of feet as well (3, 5, 7) or all left or right feet. Just the fact that there is half a set of feet would bring about crazier questions and theories amongst the party

  4. I'm going to assume you mean creepy and interesting- if you're trying to steer them into battles, they will catch on almost immediately.

  5. A dog with with its leg caught in a trap. Let them her the dog whining. You can have the dog be a monster trying to lure the party in ( think john carpenter the thing) or help until the get back to a town.

  6. An abandoned house full of bone-thin Kenku "cannibals" trying to lure in travellers for a meal. It makes for a good bait and switch on players looking for Wereravens, or as a precursor to make them wary of the Martikovs.

  7. I was running strahd when MTF came out and the sorrowsworn were too perfect not to include. I had one of "The Lost" sorrowsworn calling out for help finding their way back to the road. The players took it hook, line and sinker. They were more wary of what the woods held beyond wolves and far less trusting of anything or anyone in ravenloft.

  8. Reading through Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, I've been planning on putting some of the monsters from the book into my personal CoS game.

  9. I am put a nasferatu in one of the crypts. My players are in the castle now and hopefully they find it.

  10. I've found the most consistent way to get people off the main road is put something unusual slightly off the road that will lead them further into the woods.

  11. Dreams or nightmares brought on bu the Night Hags could hint at something of value in the woods. Set up a marker so the characters recognize that is where they should enter the woods.

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