Old Bonegrinder name

  1. Some NPCs know what’s happening. Urwin Martikov and Muriel Vinshaw and other were ravens of the area. Old Bonegrinder is more a moniker used by them than an actual name. If any Barovian or Vistani refers to it just call it “the Durst Family windmill” or “The Old windmill”

  2. Yeah, same for me. Most people call it "The Old Dust Mill", with Dust having colloquially replaced Durst over the many years since that family have been around, and also foreshadowing the bone dust on the second level.

  3. The thing is there is this special event in barovia (end of the chapter), where one hag basically collects a child as a means of payment from the parents. To me, it would be even more troubleSome if the townsfolk knew, but would do anything for the quick dreampastry fix … it even disgusts me during writing…

  4. So, this is a very good question that points out an oddity about the lore. When the players uncover the deed, even it titles the windmill as "Old Bone grinder," implying that the Dursts weren't the first owners despite their coat of arms being based on the mill as imagery. So perhaps exercising a bit of retcon, it can be said that it was originally built by an ancestor of the Dursts, who became rich at their flour-milling monopoly serving both Barovia and Vallaki. Thus the mill should be named the "Durst Windmill" in the deed. However, the question remains as to when and who renamed it to Old Bonegrinder. Ostensibly it was after the hags moved in when it was abandoned following the death of the Dursts, and probably by the hags as a sick inside reference. It would then stand to reason that it was then spread by them in their grandma forms to be told as a dark joke to the other inhabitants.

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