Cleric attacked Ezmerelda after she revealed Augury gets intercepted by Strahd. How to reassure him that's she's not lying.

  1. Let it play out. Figuring out who to trust in CoS is part of the intrigue and game. And especially if she’s not the fated ally; don’t force it.

  2. I feel like, regardless of upset or not, something needs to be done to reign in the PC a bit from jumping so quickly to violence and killing.

  3. Isn’t this part of COS though? The slow descent into madness that Barovia forces on players? So much so that even good characters can become a foggy neutral or evil.

  4. The cleric in my game is going down the same path... but the player 100% recognizes it and WANTS to play a cleric who is losing his mind, his god, and his values- he decided pretty quickly that his character would end up lost to Ravenloft in some way. If I can strip out everything that made him who he was, and send him back as maybe even the sole survivor but an evil husk of his former self then I've done my job.

  5. Augury as written in 5e is super vague giving weal/woe, and only gives information for an event to occur within 30min. It also gets less likely to succeed correctly on additional casts within 24 hours.

  6. Sounds fun from our perspective. Like all dms, I know how stressful it can be when a player gets upset at the table, and you are wondering if they are still role playing. Sounds like you are handling this well.

  7. Making sure your players are 'reassured' about anything in Ravenloft is... to me, it breaks the theme. If they go nuts and start killing important NPCs who are actually there to help- what's cooler than that!? That is so crazy cool Gothic horror! My players have killed off two important NPCs and suspect two more of being Strahd's vampiric puppets. It's gotten really good, they're all losing their minds.

  8. Remember that Ezmerelda is both a survivor and able to freely leave Barovia. She does not need the party, the party needs her. She is a professional hunter and would not expose and risk her well-being for strangers, especially not for a group where a member tried to attack her.

  9. In the great tradition of Ravenloft, I'd just let it play out. If you want, though, you could always do a high difficulty int or wis check to have them realize it's logical that maybe things in this plane work differently. If they fail and complain later, let them know the roll they failed was to realize this, and they didn't realize it.

  10. I find that some of the difficulty is that he is a local. He's been trapped in Barovia since it became what it is. He's the nephew of Kasimir and Patrina, who's parents died before the Dusk elves settled in the valley.

  11. Yeah definitely let him not trust her. Think of interesting narrative consequences. So many juicy possibilities because your player expressed a hard feeling as a result of your narrative, good job!

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