Anyone have a specific type of job they prefer

  1. Nurse, Teacher, Waitress, Yoga Instructor, the list goes on. The only one that's a reality for me is the teacher because my wife is one.

  2. Feet smelling hand job...then cumming on her feet at the end. You get to smell and suck her feet while getting there Dick worked and then finish properly

  3. This is a good question! I haven't really thought about this before but after really thinking, I think a flight attendant, teacher/professor, any type of business woman who wears high heels all day, and dancer (not stripper, but like street/competitive dancer who is probably wearing sneakers) would be great for foot worship.

  4. I legit came looking to see if anyone happened to mention a professional dancer!! I feel like we get forgotten sometimes hahah thanks for your comment!!

  5. I definitely fantasize about being a patient and having a doctress or nurse (I say doctress, because saying doctor sounds gay... or maybe it's just me) dominating me with her feet. My ex, on the other hand, was a cop. I had her smd in uniform with her foot on my face and the other pressing on my handcuffed hands. Checked that one off my bucket list.

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