What is something popular in this fetish, that you personally don’t care for?

  1. Yeah and a ton of porn keeps stockings on, it's like come on just finish the step and remove them.

  2. The best thing about pantyhose is how easy they are to rip... just one quick tear with your fingers and the toes are out! ;)

  3. Some high heels I can get behind... Or under. But pantyhose is a hard pass. Much rather the bare skin look and feel.

  4. Already mentioned above but to expand on it, finding friendly/ positive/ non-humiliation feet related content online is rare these days in my opinion. It’s all slave/you’re worthless/pay-pig content which is fine for the demographic that enjoys that but for the rest of us that don’t role heavily on then submissive side it gets annoying.

  5. Couldn’t agree more… legit hate that aspect. Like empty your wallet to worship these feet.. nah dude.

  6. Agreed. Leeds me to feel like most creators only care about the "attention from men's wallets" as it's easy for most women to take her shoes off, take a photo, and poof. An extra zero or two in her account.

  7. Exactly why a lot of Guys don’t openly tell people they have a FF. Because a lot of people assume we like slave, submissive, worthless, pay pig content and all of that turns me off.

  8. Depends on the level and type of dirt. Like black with mud and/ grime is a hard pass. Maybe go for a lil mess from walking around the house barefoot or perhaps a bit from sandals or flip flops... We can talk about that one as it's an easier fix.

  9. Agreed but actually I think a majority are at least fine.. I've said before all I really require to find a female foot at least somewhat attractive is these three criteria:

  10. Probably footjobs if I had to guess 😂 or the massage aspect of it. I personally don't see the difference of barefoot with or without oil. I see the oil of course but it doesn't add or subtract anything so I guess I too don't understand the hype

  11. Humiliation. I’ve never cared for being called a loser or treated like I am worthless over something that I am passionate about. It doesn’t make me feel good about myself and it doesn’t encourage me to continue admiring a woman and her feet.

  12. The word worship to me is just super cringe. Especially when someone is telling a story and is like “I’ve never had a guy worship my feet before” 🙄🙄 like c’mon bro. No girl says that. They’ll say I’ve never had a guy suck my toes before and saying worship just makes the story sound fake as hell

  13. Man that’s a great point. Yeah why is feet and worship associated when it’s just sucking and licking? They don’t say cock worship

  14. For me it’s when the feet are clearly dry looking and not moisturized and when the pinky toenail is too small and looks like there isn’t a nail there.

  15. Red nail polish is one of very few colors that I truly don’t have any attraction to. Like any other color polish would be better, hell even natural toes are better than red imo

  16. For em it would be dirty feet,crushing and kicking balls and licking cum off of feet that’s stuff to me is just a big no.

  17. You can post-hoc reason about all this stuff to your heart's desire, but when it comes down to it, it's basically just hard-wired into the brain, just the same as the foot fetish itself is. Some people like it, others don't, and there isn't really more you can say about how or why it is that way until we develop some sort of neurophysiological explanation of where foot fetishes come from and how all this works in general.

  18. That’s very intriguing. I like big feet but small feet are just as fine but I don’t care for little short stubby toes

  19. Sandy feet. Like the entire point of the fetish for most of us is wanting to lick and suck on people's feet, I don't wanna imagine having sand in my mouth

  20. Birkenstock sandals.not a fan.they are popular in the FF community, although I have never liked how they look on chicks. They also tear up the soles to wherever is wearing them lol

  21. Same. They look way too big and clunky. I prefer more elegant footwear. Birks just ruin the look of a beautiful foot imo.

  22. Self-worship and foot sniffing are huge turn offs for me for some reason. Like I don’t care if people do it but they don’t do anything for me really

  23. I'm so much more attracted to the toes on a woman's foot as opposed to the soles. I also don't like excessively stinky feet. If there is a little stink after a workout or just daily sweat from wearing shoes then that's ok but to have your feet so sweaty and stinky that they are dripping sweat or that I can smell them from across the room then its way to much. Also , natural nails and French Tips.

  24. I'm weird but I also don't like dicks involved with my foot fetish. I love love love feet and looking at my feet and having my feet touched and my toes sucked and feeling different sensations. But the moment guys turn it around to be about foot jobs it ruins it for me. My foot fetish is really all my feet

  25. That makes a lot of sense. Footjobs are overrated i would way rather just get off from sucking toes and nibbling soles

  26. I would call you crazy… but I have yet to receive an amazing footjob.. had some meh/decent but nothing to phone home about

  27. Toe rings. Not caring for them is an understatement. I find them so extremely off-putting its sad because I think most people assume that everybody into feet loves them.

  28. I actually feel similarly about high heels. They're sort of every normal person's first thought when it comes to sex + feet since they are culturally associated with sexuality, but to me they put the foot into an unnatural position that "jams" my brain's ability to even recognize them as the object of my foot fetish. When I see feet in heels I basically see them as a completely non-FF person does.

  29. Rancid smelling feet. I get how other people like it but I don't care for it. Also long nails, I know that one isn't as popular, but when I see it I cringe. I don't dislike submissive males but I would love more content with dominant males. I'm a switch so it isn't so much I don't care for it as much as I wish there was more of the other.

  30. Dirty feet, giantess, foot gagging, degradation joi to an extent. I do like the encouragement joi and maybe the joi when the girl starts of saying that it's weird that I am into feet but slowly gets into it or says keep it a secret.

  31. Long nails. If her toes are pointed to the ceiling and I can see em over the bottoms of your toes, too damn long. A little length is okay but I'm not into talons. They just look too dangerous both for many activities and sanitation.

  32. I actually only like very sheer nylons, I like to see the wrinkled sole through the nylon. Number one thing or aspect of foot fetish that I don’t get is sole licking. I’ve tried it with my wife and with a previous GF and I really don’t get it, I don’t find it even a little arousing ( apart from the fact I have one of the sexiest parts of a human, so close to my face) but also the feeling on my tongue 👅 is horrible. It kinda tickles but not in a nice way, it’s more like nails on a chalk board to me.

  33. Heels. Domination/worship. Red nails. Dirty soles (though I like muddy, but that spills over to another interest) Stinky feet (a clean, sweaty musk with aroma of leather from no socks, that’s not stink, that’s ambrosia) Pantyhose, but LOVE fishnets.

  34. Same unless they were outside in grass/dirt for a little but dirt from public places or walking around a dirty floor grosses me out. So weird

  35. Dirty/muddy feet, slave/cuck stuff, incest and feet with something else like honey or fruits crushed (the crush stuff).

  36. Footjobs, they're just so mid. Now, my cock being teased with feet or lightly kicked while I'm rock solid is completely different.

  37. I totally agree. I can’t stand pantyhose or any type of hosiery. Bare legs and feet in high heeled shoes and boots are my thing.

  38. Pantyhose are whatever to me but what really turns me off almost 9.5/10 of the time is red nail polish. Red polish and lipstick are just not something I can get on board with for anyone. It just for some reason makes me think of old grandmas and I don’t know why.

  39. Not into pantyhose, socks, shoes, jewellery, tattoos, smelly/dirty feet. They have to be bare and clean.

  40. Almost everything actually. Smelling, licking, worshiping, dirty feet or any of that, i find it umpleasant. The only thing feet related i like are footjobs and its kinda infuriating that most of foot related stuff is what i said in the first place lol

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