What are your must subscribe to Patreons for your VTT?

  1. I subscribe to forgotten adventures for the map making assets / dungeondraft integration. But otherwise nothing.

  2. Check out Tom Cartos too. His assets fill in some gaps of Forgotten Adventures assets and for the most part work stylistically. He has Dungeondraft integration.

  3. What’s the difference between Mr Primate’s and VTTA? I thought VTTA took it over and did it better, last I heard. Any reason to subscribe to his?

  4. Beneos is the sole reason I'm considering buying Foundry. I know most of my future players like using Beyond, so how much is Primate's package and is it monthly or single purchase?

  5. Only one mention of theripper93 so far! Dude is like reinventing what Foundry even is. I use so many of his modules every day in Foundry.

  6. I subscribe to bekit for his LiveKit AVClient module. If you play with webcams and audio through Foundry I find that it's a must. Without it webcams drop for a few seconds every few minutes or so for me.

  7. Forgotten Adventures for the tokens, Splattered Ink for the tokens, Jules&Ben's Animated Assets for tons of animations for everything, Crymic for cool macros.

  8. Just Forgotten Adventures and Tabletop Audio. I try to keep it pretty basic and as close to a table experience as possible even though it is a VTT.

  9. As someone who runs an eberron campaign, Ferret Foundry has been pretty good so far. They post a lot of maps for free, but subsicription will give you variety and all the complete VTT file with sounds, walls and lighting

  10. Strange nobody mentioned Crosshead yet. His maps and tiles and Dungeon draft assets are top tier and 100% the style i love. you should really check him out. The Back catalog is 35GB

  11. I totally agree. His work is very charming. Always makes me think about playing more fantasy and less shadowrun.

  12. For us it has to be Ripper for his Levels module (technically we have to subscribe to him as we use Levels in our commercial products). The module is a little tricky at first, but it's really added some flair to our maps being able to automatically navigate between different levels.

  13. I would so like to get to Tom Cartos but 4,5 Euro per month + VAT only for the DD integration is way too steep for me

  14. I have maps by themadcartographer, goadventuremaps, dndavid and master maps, as well as tokens and assets from forgotten adventures.

  15. Borough Bound is making epic cities with maps, lore, and hooks, and they offer them as Foundry VTT modules, so it's all pre-baked. So cool.

  16. Patreon creator here (although mine is a town generator, rather than for maps, I'm still pretty experienced in the platform). TL;DR It can depend, varying on the creator.

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  18. I have a limited budget, so I try and spread it around each month. Sometimes it’s not just for modules or maps, I sign up to devs patreons if they have gone out of their way to help me with something. Like a macro or customising a script on a module etc.

  19. Crafty Dice/Steffen is now part of The MAD Cartographer team. We recently converted a huge selection of his maps into Foundry VTT, we even used rippers Level module so you could navigate his Eberron airship he made.

  20. I love and paid some of mentioned Patreons, but does anyone know any Patreon that creates complete adventures, potentially with all the required assets (maps, tokens, story, etc.)?

  21. I would have said Moulinette and Baileywiki (both subscribed), but the latter one is too module heavy for my taste and I am not the fan of generic module pushing on the foundry canvas. But I like how he pushes the envelope to more videogame style RPG.

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