Just Doin’ My Duty

  1. Imagine being a ray wanting to commit suicide bc your wife left with a moray eel and you lost your coral in the divorce, just for some asshole with a shovel to throw you back to your misery.

  2. Mr. Sansweet didn't asked to be saved. Mr. Sansweet didn't want to be saved. And the injuries received from Mr. Incredible's "actions", so-called, causes him daily pain.

  3. Can almost hear what's going through this dude's mind... "Aight, Imma help ya...but but don'chu Irwin me, bro..."

  4. A lot of rays live in the sand or rest on the bottom. Homie might have been fine. That’s why you should shuffle your feet when walking and out of the water if they’re around. They’ll sting the fuck out of your ankles.

  5. This one little fact is the reason I won’t go in the ocean anymore. I used to love swimming out and playing in the water for hours. Then I read an article about taking kids to the beach, and it had this tip in there and I haven’t been the same since.

  6. Lol this is extra funny because these things are pretty much harmless. What happened to Steve Irwin is so unlikely you are more likely to get struck by lightning.

  7. I’m pretty sure this is a ray not a stingray and so it would have been okay to pick up with your hands. Probably better to err on the side of caution tho

  8. These animals bury themselves in the sand to either digest food or clean or to hide. He was not in danger or distress nor did he need to be moved

  9. The ray;... "SIGH... i really wish they'd leave me alone do they not know how long it took me to find that awesome spot?"

  10. There are a few that a dangerous, but not all. They’re more painful than anything. Steve Irwin really only died coz it just happened to get him in the heart not because of the venom

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