A decisive moment of the fight, Brandon Royval hits a slick Step Behind Roll to reverse Rogerio Bontorin

  1. Royval was grinding on the guy no matter what position he was in. Elbows and shins to the face. Dude was dishing out punishment in creative ways and always working. Won a fan in me and the girlfriend for sure.

  2. Super cool stuff from Royval. And yes, Chamizo did break that dudes arm with that throw. And he showed 2 finishes of this move.

  3. The scramble quality in Freestyle is extremely high level anyone who says it doesnt have mat wrestling is lying. Just because a escape isnt as rewarded people think its inferior that mentality is wack.

  4. Have been a huge fan of royval since the kai kara france fight. Never a boring fight and always pushing the pace with wild moves

  5. It just so happened that these moves caught my eyes before when seeing it, which makes me really hyped up seeing it in an MMA fight lol

  6. Royal sorta reminds me of Tony a bit. Seems like he has cardio for days, unique striking, awesome bottom game. I'm def a fan. That was a tough fight to call. Almost like Danny Castillo vs Tony.

  7. I remember when royvals arm dislocated against brandon Moreno and he just goes to his coach who pops it right back in like it’s an everyday thing. Jesus

  8. I dont know if there was any "decisive" moment in this fight. It could have gone either way. If 100 judges judge that fight i see it being very near 50/50

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