Hey, guys. Do any of you guys have trouble with rapid HR, when smoking? It just causes more anxiety when you see your HR through the roof.

  1. That used to happen to me, too. Sometimes it felt like I would faint. After I switched from combusting to dry herb vaping, that completely stopped

  2. Dry herbs, like the enclosed "bowls" that don't take lighters? I have limited experience with that and when I did try it I also smoked a regular joint as well, so I don't know if it made much of a difference. Very strange that those two methods can cause two different types of high. I understand edibles being different but not this haha

  3. im guessing your still pretty new to the weeds. I dont think it would be uncommon as i remember when i first started i would get an elevated HR and such but not these days, note im 30 into this habit though. If you are in a city where its legal, just talk to your local dude selling it to you, all they do is talk weed all day and can recommend a good strain(prob indica) that will set you right if you enjoy the other aspects of it other than the elevated hr. Also, if you are newish to smoking it, dont try to smoke what your experienced friends smoke, i never let a new person who is partaking sit and smoke the entire J with me, they would get wrecked as my tolerance is through the roof from the 3 decades of toking. It may just not be the best thing for you but im pretty certain with the right strain and right amount, your elevated HR can be a thing of the past.

  4. Lol I smoked for 5 years, but I did get a very late start, bc I hated it bc of the Paranoia. I don't get it quite as much, but still do. However, I barely smoke now. It was every night after my Mom passed away, 5 years ago. I smoked a gram per evening. I have tried several strains, but the next time I need it, I would definitely mention it to him. Thx for the info very

  5. Yes, I agree, I've heard that. But man, 120-130 BPM is a little scary. Especially at my age (approaching 40) and with my family history. I've just cut down something ridiculous, but considering quitting for good bc of this.

  6. I had tachycardia(fast heart rate) for about a month cuz I was eating way too much THC. I didnt make the correlation and got my heart checked, I was chilling at 110bpm at rest just chillin, but after every test they could run on my heart they said my heart was fantastic. I have no plaque or narrowing of arteries and my ultrasound was normal and everything is totally normal, even my BP was normal just the rate was high. They told me to lay off the THC because there was no medical cause they could find. They also said to do more cardio.

  7. This happened to me two weeks ago! I smoke every day and have never experienced anything like that. I thought it was a panic attack but from what I understand they don’t last very long but this went on for over an hour. RHR of 120-127. I thought I was having a heart attack at first, it came out of no where.

  8. Odd, that it was one and done. I had a SEVERE panic attack when I ate edibles, 2 yrs ago. Called a squad bc I had extremely bad chest pain, and confessed some shit to my girl, that I wouldn't have told her, had I not been "dying" lol

  9. This tends to happen when you smoke/consume too much. Remember each strain is different. Even the same strain, different phenotypes, harvest time etc. They all have different THC levels. Also with different terpene profile you have something called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is a term used to describe the synergistic effects of combining various chemical compounds found in cannabis. Most commonly, it refers to the interaction between THC/CBD and other cannabinoids or terpenes.

  10. I experimented with taking smaller amounts, and I still got the rapid HR. I've tried several strains as well, and same thing. It's my least favorite side effect for sure

  11. Nope!! Especially with 10mg edibles- totally mellow. Also the mindset of being in a totally legal state removes any paranoia due to never having to look over your shoulder.

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