Do you ever fap without finishing during a nofap challenge?

  1. I agree it’s very likely that edging is even worse. Taking one step forward and two steps back is what it feels like when you edge . I am speaking from experience.

  2. That’s like quitting drinking but just having 90% of a beer and saying “you didn’t get drunk so it doesn’t count”. It’s one thing to wean off it and another to justify edging relapse

  3. Leave your dick alone. Just because its there dont mean you need to spend your life worshiping it. Ever wonder why guys always draw dicks on bathroom walls? - Its coz most men are basic.

  4. That’s called edging lol you’re going to binge relapse and be miserable if you keep at it stop asap and only touch it if u need to piss or shower lol

  5. I fall into the same situation often. It's rare that I totally give in and finish it, but its dumb of course, watching porn and just doing this. Ive been doing way better the last few weeks and got rid of this habit, yet I still cant help but peek a few times a day after being exposed to a trigger.

  6. I think it’s called edging everytime I’ve done it I end up nutting even if it’s a lil I would rather leave the dick alone because you will end up nutting eventually

  7. That completely defeats the purpose of nofap. By edging, you release more dopamine than you would if you just got it over with. You relapsed and should reset your streak OP. The point is to build discipline and rewire your brain. You are doing neither.

  8. bro the best advice i can give you is to be in control of your urges, don’t completely negate them. tell yourself, i’ll let myself nut in 5 days and then do whatever u can to reach that mark and then nut. because idk if u noticed it but everyone nuts eventually and if you don’t se the flaw in that then idk what to tell u. read my post in my profile and i made a way to do it

  9. I agree with the abundance of comments from men here who say you will eventually blow it if you keep edging. Also , It deemphasizes SR benefits tenfold from my experience because you never get of the habit for which you came here in the first place.

  10. Its called edging and it will fuck you up as it will give you high enough dopamine to constantly trying that shit out and eventually you will lose.

  11. The point is to rewrite your brain to not need porn as a stimulus. So edging is actually damaging that even more

  12. You should stop now while you haven’t busted a nut yet. Edging is very dangerous and you’ll eventually pop. You’re still receiving a Dopamine hit from edging and it defeats the purpose

  13. I've developed and perfected the ability of dry orgasms, cumming without ejaculation. Pleasure without loss.

  14. Look if you catch yourself starting to relapse and you stop, I’d say you can keep your streak, as long as that doesn’t become a habit. You want to motivate yourself to stop even when it seems too late

  15. Thats called edging and its terrible for you mentally and physically. You’ll develop pelvic floor dysfunction because your penis muscles are constantly contracted while edging. Normal sex will be both uninspiring and likely impossible due to your weak erection thanks to your weak pelvic floor if you continue

  16. When i watch porn after few days of no fap i can’t control myself and end up masturbating 3 or 4 times . I feel very guilty

  17. One of the worst things I’ve put myself through and I had no Idea it was the cause. If you’re gonna do Nofap do it entirely without peeking

  18. I have and its worse, because it doesn't relieve the tension, and I think it might be even worse... Just don't do it, don't start it because you'll end up going all.the way

  19. I will edge and jump into a cold shower immediately after. Supposed to be good in some Chinese tantric book. Jaded something. But you have to do over the course of days

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