A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned.

  1. I would agree with that but I think it’s fair to speculate since the officers that resigned refused to cite anything more specific than “hostile work environment”

  2. Hey former Kenly resident here! (Moved out like 3 months ago but lived there all my life) and you’re spot on about everything except the race part. Typically I hate race bait but after 17 years of living there race most definitely played a part alongside the corruption it’s country asf and EXTREMELY Redneck in Kenly and a lot of the residence are racist asl. When my mother went to our High School in the 80’s the principal was a known KKK member and to her knowledge there’s still a KKK presence in the area. And in Kindergarten some teachers did things to me and other minority kids or kids they viewed as “inferior” that I’m not gonna say I was outright abused but most definitely traumatized to the point I had some speech problems during my early stages of life. Going to 6th grade even, I was called a n*gger and told I was found at a auction among other crude ass things by some students and as time went on you can guess how much worse it got by and during highschool. Now that’s not to say EVERYBODY in lil ole Kenly is racist but there’s a SIZABLE portion that are. Racism ain’t the whole puzzle but it’s definitely a piece. I wouldn’t put it past our strange ass officers. They were also investigated by the FBI a few years back lol, saw this shit comin a mile away.

  3. City managers don't have the same power, or authority as the elected council. They can certainly hire and fire, but council always has the last say. To what extent a policy they create then execute has, is up for debate. Depends on the rules that govern that specific municipality. It's possible this new manager wanted to enact policy to address this, then LE jumped ship. Wouldn't be surprised of union pushback either. However, corruption like this is a microcosm of State level shenanigans.

  4. You clearly haven't read statements/ comments made by the former chief and his supporters on his social media page. Race definitely plays a part.

  5. Thank you for breaking this down. As the rise of hate crimes goes up and the polarization of political sides, and hatred towards marginalized groups to the point the FBI had to expand their department for this, has me in more fear about our country leaning towards full fledged fascism.

  6. Check out the background of this overqualified town Mgr who sued two previous employers … taking a job in small town Kenly seems beneath her but could be Kenly us a good potential target for her next planned employment lawsuit…

  7. Wrong. Shes a liberal who lets theives and killers off with a slap on the wrist and the police force have had enough of this defund the police junk. She was also fired from her last job for starting race junk with other employees.

  8. I remember a previous post on this and when I saw this article thought "Well THAT'S a different take." Appreciate the level headed perspective and info though.

  9. I'll give you cronyism. The new City Manager was fast tracked through a town in South Carolina by a local politician under shady circumstances.

  10. I know right? I would happily accept all those resignations and start from the ground up. I would be thankful they saved me the time and effort

  11. New manager. If she can’t lead, and garner respect then Get out. Previous town manager was black as well and had no such issues. Stop trying to make it about race.

  12. I grew up in Wilson Co and have to agree that it’s not surprising one bit. Hell it couldve been any of the towns in Wilson Co and I wouldn’t be surprised.

  13. Might be something to this: the old Town Manager was black and they worked under him just fine. Maybe the new one is an asshole who happens to be black.

  14. Is this true? Crazy how people automatically see the worst in people, especially when it comes to white people and racism. My policy is, when it comes to people, assume the best, but prepare for the worst. For events, assume the worst, but be prepared for the best (opportunity).

  15. If you re-read the headline it’s pretty clear the article was intended to race bait. Kinda sad that’s the world we live now. Honestly should be a crime, this is kinda libel yet? Written slander about the officers assuming they quit because they’re racist?

  16. They quit because the manager kept them understaffed and wouldn't let them hire, and then when they asked for raises she said no. Considering the pervious manager was also black I think this isn't about race

  17. I think there is likely a lot more to this story than that headline alludes to. It wasn’t just the entire police force, but also the town clerk and a utilities clerk (which appears to make up a vast majority of town staff). According to their website a consultant is currently serving as an interim Planning Director and the Utilities Director is serving as interim Parks Director. I don’t live near the community, but there are a lot of red flags that indicate a problem that likely has nothing to do with race. Unfortunately, some news sources sensationalize stories and end up completely missing the true story behind what has happened.

  18. Get the fuck out of here with that race-baiting headline. Such garbage. The old town manager was black too. Race isn’t the issue here. Stop forcing that shit.

  19. I do not for a moment believe that this is racism. I do strongly believe that it is corruption being brought to light with a level of accountability being imposed. The corrupt are never happy when they can't go to the playground anymore.

  20. Legit question, why is “Black” capitalized in this article and “white” is not? I don’t know the appropriate rule and confused by their use here.

  21. The city manager is a progressive with multiple graduate degrees, do you guys think it's more likely the cops disagree with her politics or her skin color, and please note, the last city manager was also black.

  22. That’s what I was wondering as soon as I saw the headline. They put emphasis on the black part so it sounds like a classic case of race baiting to me. The manager could just be a shitty person. What are we just not gonna act like we’ve never had a shitty manager that we walked out on?

  23. Well shit, the plot thickens. Now it all makes sense. Especially when the police chief wouldn’t expand on the PD’s complaints due to “legal concerns”

  24. Police Chief didn't like the new City Manager wanted to clean house based on the Police Deparment's role in the last City Manager Sexual Battery accusations.

  25. That article does nothing to dispel the idea they resigned due to her race. I don’t deny there are likely other factors, but a vague complaints of hostile work environment isn’t very convincing.

  26. I just read this study saying that disbanding a city police department makes no difference in crime rates a few days ago, so I'm wondering if it will make any difference.

  27. Soooo you guys just go to the racist card even though a large part of those people were black. Maybe look into why they really quit instead of taking "yahoo's" word for it maybe? Ik libs hate doing research and stuff but you know... seems kinda stupid to assume what most of you are assuming

  28. The department is currently being criminally investigated by the SBI. The town manager came in with plans for stricter oversight for the department. The police department then resigned. You could have easily looked that up in 30 seconds on google or Reddit.

  29. The only reason you are even okay with saying the manager is "incompetent" is because it's a black woman. She has more than enough easily verifiable qualifications and experience for the job.

  30. So we're going with "apparently notorious police department is actually the good guys, and a highly qualified town manager is bad at her job, so they all quit for a vague reason, and it had nothing to do with increased oversight," right now?

  31. So the previous city manager was black ? Maybe they didn’t like the fact it was on outside hire with no ties to their community that came in and was throwing her weight around like a typical new boss and that didn’t fly in a small town. This is the only time I’ve seen Reddit defending the boss not the workers in a situation like this. Get outraged by a skewed headline though right

  32. So they all walked out only because they were black? Regardless of the “headline” has to be more than that. Extremist political agenda I suspect.

  33. heard it was because she was requiring them to wear bodycams. either way there's something wrong there. She wasn't in the job for even 2 months iirc. You don't just quit your years long job over a new manager who has barely been in

  34. Oh no! The town could miss their speeding tickets! Or warrantless search and seizures. Or no-knock raids. Whatever will this poor town do without a police force

  35. "Justine Jones, who has worked for 16 years in local governments in Minnesota, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina, was selected to be town manager after a "nationwide search" of 30 candidates"

  36. Five people, the town had five cops. Hire new, non-racist ones, who can bear the weight of the town manager. Their only complaints are a "hostile work environment" with no details sighted. That stinks of not wanting accountability and transparency in their 5 person boys club.

  37. There is no race war or tensions in America. Only in the media. America is the least racist nation in the world. You ever seen the American Olympic team? What about China's? I'll wait.

  38. Without actually knowing all the details (I assume nobody does), a lot of you guys seem to be jumping to conclusions/assumptions like 'racism' and/or 'corruption'. Could you just give it a rest.

  39. It's relevant information to understand how racial demographics can influence behaviors of people. And they probably obtained that info from the US census dept.

  40. I'd say it's relevant because most small towns are mostly white. It's rare to have a mixed bag like Kenly does. Also, census information is public.

  41. Damn doesn’t national news have anything better to report on? Tires of mass media pushing a divisive narrative. Sign of the times….#prayforkenly

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