Episode 5: Psi Guys (The Mothership Saga)

  1. Moments like Callie using Detect Thoughts to see if everyone was making fun of her is exactly why Emily is my favorite player of all time and the person I try to keep in mind when I play my own games.

  2. Her role play is always next level and I wish I would do things like give myself disadvantage when a character would but I’m a greedy little number baby and I want all the 20s.

  3. Calli just getting so humiliated and unable to do anything but listen to their thoughts to confirm her fears, I felt that. Made it such a great moment when her buds went up to bat for her and she did her crazy misty step move with shame turned to fury!

  4. Man, I wish WotC would put a big fat space at the top of the character sheet template for people to add their current buffs during combat. I think the only time I've ever seen anyone remember they have Haste on all their turns is when they're playing with physical minis and they stick a marker on the mini that says Haste.

  5. I know some people use poker chips or similar tokens to help keep track of it. I've also seen people use post-it notes stuck to the side of the character sheet.

  6. lol I don't think I've ever remembered I've had it after my first turn with it. I always have to be reminded by the person who buffed me.

  7. Omg Albin debating if he should get himself a journal/diary and Calder just casually saying "just write it on the toilet paper" absolutely killed me!

  8. There's been some really irritating Emily hate posts on the D20 subreddit since the new season launched, so the beef of the week felt really cathartic for me

  9. Caldwell’s response to Emily “inappropriately” sexualizing Sol was also good. I’m secondhand embarrassed and in need of an internet break

  10. It's really annoying - was Finale probably overpowered/tuned? Yeah, but who gives a shit? It's not like impeccable balance is the reason we watch NADDPOD,

  11. I'm pissed that we're having to do this again. There's zero logical reason for people to constantly target Emily here and on D20 but it keeps happening, it's just misogyny and double standards. I would hope that the assholes who insist on doing this would just stop listening/watching if they're so damn upset but apparently that's too much to ask.

  12. I think that having this entire sequence play out could have been really beneficial for the audience, and incredibly more informative than simply banning the spells. It’s the same reason people asked them to record and air some of their session zero discussions.

  13. I'm sad that the crew choose to focus in on the negative things that some small percentage of posts/conversations are about. There's plenty of praise/actually well thought out critical response too that no one discusses. It's been really sad watching them slowly fade away from interacting with the community. Most of the social feeds are silent, or just promote live shows.

  14. I absolutely love the sports stuff. One of my favorite SR's was when they were talking about classic WWF wrestlers as DnD characters but then Murph thought they were losing the audience and no one was interested but I was SUPER interested lol

  15. I've been very impressed with Murph's DMing this season. Not only because this campaign feels instantly different from campaign 1 despite being in the same world, but it just really feels like he's mastered the craft in a way. He's always been amazing, but little details like the moped scraping the ground to leave a trail or the c class knights reading Callie's diary are so "mean" without actually being malicious. He's clearly built up a lot of trust with the cast to be able to make these moments fun and not feel vindictive.

  16. Most importantly, check out these buds. I’m irrationally annoyed hearing how upset they were by the Finale criticism and needless defense of Sol. People who like this show are bound to be weird, but it sucks when they’re weird in a bad way

  17. I guess we're all talking about the short rest here so FUCK YEAH, I love this energy. All of you assholes who want to criticize Emily can just... Go listen to another show. Em is the glue of NADDPOD and you can fuck right off if you can't handle it.

  18. For real. I don’t want to like “white knight” her, but she’s such a masterful role-player and has such deep knowledge of the game’s mechanics it’s just absurd that anybody would think she needs to be corrected, or that they’re the one’s to do it.

  19. This is the best SR of all time. Fucking go off! Hell yeah. If you're one of these dickheads chirping Murph/Emily about homebrew stuff, or weirdly trying to protect Caldwell (who is 35, has a mortgage AND a Rav4?) then you should feel ashamed.

  20. Not really sure why, but the first couple episodes I just wasn't vibing with this campaign. It felt like something really clicked in this episode though and I'm loving it now!

  21. I know this is a dumb question, but would someone mind briefly recapping what exactly the crew is doing at this wizarding school? I’ve had to change my podcast listening habits recently and it’s been making it a bit harder for me to keep up.

  22. This was it, this was the episode where the new campaign clicked. The plot is getting interesting, the side characters are good, and the PCs are finding themselves.

  23. Episode 5! The fight against the C-Class was absolutely fantastic. Albin redeemed himself a bit in my eyes for sure, the haste and the feeling bad for just standing there is fantastic. Callie casting detect thoughts was a lovely touch - I think Em always does a really good job at balancing being so good at D&D but also just really investing in what her character would actually do even if it isn't the ideal play, and Murph, Jake, and Caldwell's responses were all so sweet. I will say that it felt a bit out of character for Calder and Callie to kill the random C-class and I'm glad Sol decided to be nonlethal with Gifford since that felt way more reasonable... then again, this is the Pod that started with Hardwon cutting off people's heads for pouring his drinks on the floor.

  24. I’m catching up but do you happen to know if this convo of 45 damage from Emily’s character is legal? I’m not super familiar with 5e, figure it’s a nova kind of thing.

  25. "The Blue Crew races to save Albin and Krugan from Mothership super soldiers! Calder turns psychic, Sol goes back to his roots, and Callie goes electric. Support us at  Patreon.com/Naddpod  to get access to the after-show and a bunch of other Naddpod content! Get tickets to our upcoming live shows at  naddpod.com/live .

  26. This episode has me excited as its probably going to be a big fight or a prison break for the NPCs. Either way im happy we get to stay in the city for a bit longer and aren't leaving just yet. It easily could have felt arbitrary as to why wanted criminals wouldn't just skip town but having friends in danger makes the PCs more heroic and adds personal stakes.

  27. I very much need a crossover chat or something of NADDPOD fans playing HFW. (Especially those playing incredibly slowly like I am.)

  28. While it's not a bard spell, there are items that could let her pick up spells outside her class. I know they had mentioned several times liking the magical tattoos in Tasha's (and I think Callie may canonically have tattoos, but don't quote me on it). The Spellwrought tattoo would allow her to take Pass Without Trace.

  29. Also, she literally said she DIDN'T take it, so who cares???? Maybe she realized it wasn't in class but made a joke about taking feather fall because it's a comedy show!

  30. Ioved the start to the short test for this episode - randomly on the Reddit for the last few weeks so I understood what they were talking about

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