Episode D&D Court: The Angeled Egg (w/ Aabria Iyengar)

  1. It’s genuinely such a talent to be THAT good at playing the “secretly self-conscious heel projecting as an overconfident guy” type, idk how he makes it work every time

  2. Good assessment! I think I’d maybe put Shrek as battlemaster fighter, but either works. Don’t think he’d be either barbarian or rogue like they said on the rest, some sort of fighter with a versatile mix of feats makes more sense to me. Definitely has tavern brawler for improvised weapons and unarmed fighting. And I’ve now put more thought into Shrek as a DnD character than I ever anticipated.

  3. This reminds me that everyone should listen to Film Reroll, a podcast where they play through movies as RPGs. Things get… wild. They haven’t done Shrek yet, but I think it would be perfect for them actually.

  4. Wow Aabria is bringing such a great energy to this episode, everyone is hilarious. And holy shit Emily says something so funny in the bonus cases that everyone starts chanting her name

  5. Aabria has been very hit or miss for me, but this is so top notch I want her on rotation. She has a perfect chaos energy to complement everyone else's brand of chaos.

  6. As someone that will be at the Edinburgh live show I am so excited to hear Jake’s Shrek impression in person, it almost had me in tears on the bus home, so fucking funny!

  7. I definitely feel like there were some important details missing from that Artificer rock case... seems like a big case of unreliable narrator given that the Paladin was happy the artificer died. I wonder how disruptive the Artificer player was being to the party given that they probably wanted to do something and the Artificer just decided to solo stealth to the rock...

  8. The guy said it was his first character in his first session. I’ve found that first time players either (1) Need to learn they can do anything, or (2) need to learn they shouldn’t do everything. New players either need to learn what role play is (think of Jake’s first NADDPOD session!) or that the world has rules, and they must abide by them or face consequences.

  9. Yeah, I think that's what they were getting at when they brought up that the Paladin was happy with the Artificer being killed because he was a nonbeliever. If not for that, I'd say the Artificer was certainly a problem player and the DM just wiped them and the other players were happy. But since the Paladin was happy because their god killed a nonbeliever it might be the Paladin who was too extreme.

  10. any time that everyone else seems like an asshole and the writer is totally innocent always comes across as the writer being toxic as fuck and being unable to accept blame

  11. So the artificer in this was played by my brother and I was the Paladin in this campaign. Our characters didnt really know one another yet, and my hardcore paladin was on a mission to prove himself to his god right from the start. He was a goliath named Agravain Palestone who essentially worshiped war and toughness. We were just a few random people who had decided to adventure together for the day and then split the reward. ... Long story short though, I initially thought it was funny that my paladin's god, a giant Lion, appeared in the sky and squished my brother like a bug for stealing a magic rock. It was less funny when we realized that he was PERMANENTLY DEAD and couldn't even roll to stay alive.

  12. Never had the difference between Emily/Caldwell and Murph been so clear in my head than the deviled egg. E/C wanting cartoon logic and Murph wanting any semblance of real logic.

  13. Makes sense Murph wanted to take mouth size into play since they did the berry toss into the bullywog behemoth's mouth in C1 to have it puke up Balnor lol. Don't remember if there was a check of any sort. But of course the Boobs have done this very thing

  14. Hilarious cases in this episode. It seems like the court is almost solely siding with the players over the DMs lately. The court moves ever North.

  15. Damn Aabria will not let up her vice grip on the world of D&D. I hope she gets to be a PC at some point in C3

  16. I totally get the player that walked in the MLM case. D&D as a system is heavily centered around loot and gold (And pretty muhc, which have lead to a type of play where those are extremely heavily valued. So losing your stuff can for some people be worse then losing a character. If you lose a character you can always make a new and exciting one, but if you lose your Flametongue you suddenly lose one of the things that made it fun to, mechanically, play our character.

  17. If the players had a quick recourse for recovering their money (like, the next session was tracking down the scheme and getting it back), it would have been a totally reasonable gimmick and fun quest. I can’t imagine the DM planned to confiscate their gold forever, and it’s an exciting call to action to get it all back.

  18. The key point there really isn't the gold; it was that a player was absolutely not enjoying a homebrew mechanic, verbally called out that they weren't having a good time, and the session rolled on regardless.

  19. I obviously can't speak for the player, but I would be pretty bothered by the Pyramid Scheme fight and it has absolutely nothing to do with gold/loot. Unless I was playing a full himbo with Wis/Int dump stats, there must be a point where there isn't even a 5% chance to convince someone (without magic) of some bullshit that they wouldn't ever entertain under any other circumstance. *Especially* when that same pitch is being made repeatedly to an entire group of peers. Every successful save by anyone in the party should make it exponentially harder for any subsequent failure by anyone else in the party for the rest of the encounter.

  20. Give me all of the Aabria Iyengar content. Incredible addition to the court, and I hope they get to play or guest DM on the show sometime! This episode was an absolute banger from beginning to end.

  21. There was seperation between edgelord and halfling in that statement iirc. So I think "edgelord" was Fy'ra

  22. I think the only solution here is for Murph to run a Shrek themed one shot where they all play different classes of Shrek. Only then will we know which class fits Shrek the best.

  23. Am I the only one who's absolutely floored that most of these idiots (I use the term lovingly) have not seen most if not any of the Shrek movies?? I feel like that brand of nonsensical parody would be right up their alley... I'd love to hear them do movie reviews for these films now, if only to hear them trash on them. I know our boy Caldwell has probably seen them all as a man of culture and purveyor of fine animation, I bet he would make a great guide.

  24. I get they feeling they were born just a little too late to be the target audience for all the movies. I was like 6 or 7 when the first one came out so Caldwell would have been about 16 or 17 (and probably the others around the same age). Everyone saw the first one, maybe the second but I think only kids under 12 really saw the sequels

  25. ‘I love this person whether or not I agree with them’ is the best compliment I could ever receive from Brian Murphy. God I would love to hear that from my story submission.

  26. "Welcome to Dungeon Court! Join Justices Murphy, Tanner, Axford and Guest Justice Aabria Iyengar (as well as the Unmentionable Bailiff Hurwitz) as they convent to pass judgement on your trials at the table.

  27. Eh, I don't think it's the gold, it's the fight afterwards that caused a walk out; something's clearly broken down in the communications in this group if the DM and the player had an actual grudge-creating argument over this.

  28. idk, I've left a game or two over not entirely dissimilar circumstances. For me it wasn't so much be about the gold loss (or weapon loss in my case), but about having character agency sidelined to that degree. And before anyone says it, yes I know the "it's not what my character would do" attitude can be annoying, but to me the degree to which so many people push against it is just as irritating.

  29. I agree with Murph, the DM could have been more flexible when one player is obviously not having fun, but IRL, the player sounds like a shitty friend

  30. I feel like more info is needed, but I'm against the player as it is. 5 out of 6 of them had fun. And that player took 1 of them away, thus ruining that players chance at having more fun which makes me already want to side against them.

  31. Probably gonna be a hot take, but I wish they'd go back to focusing more on cases with actual mechanical or moral dilemmas rather than these over the top

  32. hot take indeed, I think the cases they pick are actually quite good, because mechanical problem are easy to fix but its those crazy ass things that happens once in a while really caught me off guard as a DM.

  33. Honestly I'm mostly here to listen to how they make fun of the situation and the players more than the actual ruling. Yeah the earlier ones were good for that but the Crews jokes are so hilarious that it's more entertaining for me

  34. I'm sure you'd still find something to complain about even if everyone decided to make things as dull and dry a DnD advice pod as you wish it could be.

  35. I think those are too easy. The problems where there's more ambiguity are the problems that stem from interpersonal problems and RP issues. Some of the mechanical questions have had Murph or Emily just knowing the actual rule and having a definitive answer, which are helpful but have less interesting discussion.

  36. I agree with you. So many of these involve (1) toxic people who can’t play nice with others, (2) people who try to take advantage of the DM, or (3) new players who are doing absurd things that should have been ironed out in a session 0 or with clearer DM instruction. I guess the other category is (4) DM who didn’t talk out their problem, and instead over-punishes a player though iffy session design.

  37. So for the deviled egg case, aren't they risking raising the monster or npc's stat with a successful save?

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