Jill and Tucker Joke [NS]

  1. Or rather explicitly not leaving Jake, but definitely making him sleep on the couch because Tucker moved in and things are pretty serious between them.

  2. Yeah Tucker is just so much better than Jake in every way that Jake has accepted it. I heard Tucker is taking him fishing on Memorial Day.

  3. Do you know which short rest? I Listened to all of them just to find the answer to this question and as far as I can tell, the joke existed by the start of Hot boy summer but I didn’t hear mention of it in the Trinyvale or Bahumia short rests. I’m going through the Mixed back catalogue now.

  4. Well I think most of the time Jill didn't actually leave Jake, he is just so insignificant that he's still around while she's now with Tucker

  5. I believe the origin came from one time Jake mentioned that Jill doesn't listen to Nadpodd, so listeners of course took that to mean Jill doesn't love or support Jake. The 2 crew found that to be obviously absurd so they started the joke about Tucker

  6. I think the larval idea for tucker came from the mixed bag called campaign stories. Listening to that one is insane as it is the start of so many gags

  7. In the early episodes of If I Were You you could tell they didn’t know how much they should be “in character” since most people just knew them as Jake and Amir. Then it involved them playing into a persona a lot (turn down the podcast Ma THE PINCH is on the mic) but now it’s just them more or less, him opening up about an anxiety attack kinda broke the character wall. But yeah it’s his humor style, he makes up outlandish stories that he claims is real life.

  8. Yeah, this is definitely a joke that has bled over into If I Were You. Amir really helps take it to an even more absurd situation.

  9. Ha yea I guess I hadnt noticed it spilling out from the short rest to the main feed. The short rests are pretty damn funny if you are ever thinking about getting on the patreon.

  10. It is from the short rest from season one a joke started that Jake's wife is cold and distant and that she has taken on a lover named Tucker. Who Jake admits is a really solid dude and makes him sound better than him in every way. All while Jake plays this whinny version of himself that is jealous of tucker but also still lets him sleep with his wife.

  11. From what i recall in mixed bag campaign stories Jake did a joke about divorcing his wife and one about hiding a book Murph was going to give him to read in a Tucker Max book cover.

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