Galenas Astral destiny. More like Astral disaster. 28.10%

  1. I picked up 5 or 6 10ths because it was so good imo. Not dry. Was a slight hay aroma when I opened the package but after I grinded it up there’s a nice sweet smell. Great effects.

  2. It’s really unfortunate that their regular line is so far from their Artifact line, the Astral Destiny i got from the Artifact line was super fire, so was the Second Breakfast, i’ve never had any good experiences with their regular line tho

  3. It’s the same bud my dude, the only difference is the artifact line has the hand trimmed colas where the regular line has some good buds but they’re mostly nickel to quarter size. The second breakfast is in my top 3 for strongest flower in the program! 💯

  4. I bought galenas before hated it because it tastes bad and was dry said I would never try them again after two different purchases. So I bought into the Astral destiny hype.

  5. Did you reach out to them? I did and then made a post and got blasted to shit for it so I deleted it. I can't stand that on this page you can't complain without being trolled.

  6. Must be the same stuff I got yesterday and I'm pissed I bought 2 2.83s. It didn't cure long enough, I put it into a different jar and am going to let it sit a few days before trying again. I got caught up in all the hype too and was let down for sure. Tastes and smells like shit.

  7. Wow..this strain cought my eye and I was excited for something great..hahaha..what a let down to hear..but im glad I didn't purchase based on reviews. Were you able to return it and give the dispensary a heads up on this product? Maybe something happened to it..? some one stole the good stuff and replaced it with ditch weed...hahahana.. Thanks for your post..

  8. I just picked up the astral destiny too, based on reviews on Reddit & at Bloom. I like the buds I received, they are nice & colorful and it’s not to dry. The smell is kinda rank, I have never smelled any weed like it. Almost cheesy. Smells better when it’s ground up but not great. The effects were decent I think. lol I tried it last night. But first had some orange velvet underground & gummies. So I’ll be checking it out some more shortly.

  9. Coming from someone born and raised in Southeast Ohio, I was SEVERELY disappointed with the few 10ths I purchased of Meigs County. Frigid Cookies, looked unbelievable. Little to no smell at all. Harsh taste and minimal effects. But whatever. I also tried GMO Cookies. Complete garbage for $46 for a 10th. It wasn’t comparable in any way to pretty much anything I’ve had from Verano or Woodward. I’m partial to G Purps but still. That close in price and the GMO Cookies had such a small effect. On top of what looked like tons of small seeds/ovule. Regardless of what it technically is, I know it made every bit of the GMO Cookies taste as though they were seeds.

  10. Super sad to hear you had such a bad experience.. that's weird it came in the packaging like that. We got a jar with some pretty decent sized nugs in it.. I've seen 50/50 reactions from a lot people so it doesn't surprise me. 😭

  11. Super sad to hear you had such a bad experience.. that's weird it came in the packaging like that. We got a jar with some pretty decent sized nugs in it.. I've seen 50/50 reactions from a lot people so it doesn't surprise me. 😭

  12. Dude u must have gotten a bad one the 5.66 I got was on point not even close to being dry like i actually still have some a week ago and it's like I just bought it one of my new favs

  13. I just picked up 2 and must say my experience was nothing like this. Both had huge buds. Soft and smells fantastic! Have always wanted the Artifact line but miss it every time.

  14. Flower isn't being stored properly is what seems to be the issue. Put a tenth in the fridge/freezer for 40 min and see how dry the flower is afterwards.

  15. Klutch sucks- piggy backing off of grow ohio making cheap nasty versions of grow ohio luster pods. They need to get their own equipment.

  16. The cheap zip lock package, the Microsoft Paint design, then the bud. It's a super bad look all the way around. Eww.

  17. Stuff like this is why my go to has been with few exceptions POW Dayton. I can experiment with different strains and not go broke in the process. I'm classified as indigent so their POTD for me is 15.30 on the daily special. It's usually one 2.83 for 20 and another type for 18 respectively.

  18. I actually got amazing happy when I smoked this strain. The effects were super powerful. I got nice looking nuggets. Its the most odd taste I cannot describe.

  19. If anyone wants Astral Destiny, there is a 1/2 ounce for $ 61.83 at Ohio Provisions by BCCO in Lancaster. Idk anything about it, but if you're looking it's there.

  20. The first and last Galenas purchase I made was for "THE Ohio Strawberry University". It tasted like 100% leaf/trim. I haven't had anything that bad since High school. It wasn't just dry, it was kindling even after a 62% boveda. Are Galena/woodward/artifact the same company? I see all 3 names, on rdt, but I've never seen artifact or Woodward around here.

  21. Firelands and Klutch are both a joke. Inferior product, charging premium prices, and Klutch makes pods for a device another company marketed. Way to let grow ohio do your heavy lifting Klutch. And Galenas has yet to impress me.

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