Buckeye Relief- Pineapple 🍍 Upside Down Cake- definitely a taste of brown sugar and Pineapple. Its like nothing I've ever smoked before, I enjoy it over all for it being a T1 hybrid. I'm excited to try the new line from BR!

  1. I got to try this and the lime sherbert and im in love with both for sure. Though I had bought a lemonade dosi Cart and this taste straight up on point like the lime sherbert which I'm more happy with

  2. Def enjoyed the smell, flavor and energetic but clear headed high of this one. Don’t often go BR but would for sure get this one again.

  3. So I really don't care about taste even though I use dynavap. I have 92 cookies, straight sauce, and Plata Nube by them. Are the effects uplifting and energetic?

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