Woodward Wedding Cake- went to Strawberry fields in Monroe to get Runtz but they called and was out 😭 she said this was pretty good and recommended it, will be buying this again!

  1. I was lucky to get runtz at About Wellness on Tues. Have a Heart in Cinci may still have Runtz but u will have to call and ask bc I don’t think they updated their online menu.

  2. This is fire I just took a shot on it and this and verranos are close this one def has more bag appeal tough to say which one is better butnits some gas ⛽

  3. Got some wedding cake the other day but it was Verano and it didn’t look as good as yours, and it was like a container of smalls. But it was still pretty good! The G Purps I got that were Verano were absolute fire, best tasting strain I’ve ever tried. Heard my dispensary is getting Woodward tomorrow, so maybe I’ll finally get to try something from Woodward.

  4. By the time I made it to the botanist in cleveland they sold out of runtz so I grabbed two of the wedding cake instead. It might not be the tastiest strain I’ve had from Woodward but the effects are at the top of the charts for me. Some fire.

  5. I’m not because of the way the one dispensary in town promotes them. I refuse to play into this “super limited be here when we open and we won’t release it if we’re having a flower sale” shit.

  6. If it’s cost-prohibitive, then it is what it is. But there isn’t better bud in the Ohio program right now, and that includes Klutch.

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