Finally got my medical card and decided to pick up a variety oz.

  1. Don’t listen to anyone about the days. 45 is plenty for any sane person. I’ve been able to splurge a good few times, but I usually wait til the end of my cycle when I have 10-12 extra days piled up! It all looks really good dude. Welcome to the program . A ton of people have sticks up their asses and apparently only got a card and paid good money to complain. But there’s a lot of good info and good reviews in the group as well

  2. Yeah same here, I've not had an issue with running out of days yet, like you said I typically end up with some days piled up at the end, I usually try to line it up with a sale and splurge a bit at that time. I'd personally rather try a few different strains in smaller quantities like OP than stock up on half ounces, it's worth the couple extra bucks for variety imo.

  3. I think it’s more about the medical conditions a person is dealing with when it comes to how many days they use within the program. It’s a pretty ignorant and asinine statement to say that 45 days is more than enough for anyone no matter your circumstance, as long as you’re sane of course. That a pretty stupid thing to say considering you know jack shit about the conditions people are dealing with and how they choose to deal with them. Try and not put everyone else in your little box. I know my mom who’s dying of pancreatic cancer doesn’t belong in it with you. But thanks for your expert medical opinion. Weird how the state chose to give us that as a standard when according to you it’s more than any sane person needs. Strange. I thought the Ohio program was pretty damn conservative. Maybe we should let people in Colorado and Cali know just how free flowing and loose the standards are here, apparently we are just giving away weed to people who aren’t competent enough to determine their own medication schedule. Very weird. You should contact the pharmacy board and get on that. Save the rest of us from ourselves. My 73 year old mother is out of control, it’s insane. Jesus.

  4. You got some solid choices. Try out sherbtane from Columbia care next time they have a sale. Pretty fire nugs in the 5.6 jars

  5. This is the way I purchase my flower because I like to have a big selection of different flower. There's nothing wrong with it. I just don't have a huge tolerance so I normally still don't run out of days. I also like trying new things, it's pretty much turned into a hobby

  6. That’s a absolute shit ton of days. Man, I really hope you’re able to maintain in the Ohio program like that. Gonna need a low tolerance and a high balance bank account buying like that. That’s crazy, looks good. Enjoy.

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