1. Buds like that on the right aren't necessarily pgr buds. Some genetics just produce denser buds with smaller calyx formations. I've seen both bud structures come out of a single room grown at the same time on the same feed, hell I've seen different phenos from the same seed lot look like each of those. This is a misinformation campaign at its finest. Also, that bud on the left has large sugar leaves still attached, what kind of trim job is that?

  2. The application of plant growth regulators in agriculture has started in the1930s in the USA . Ethylene, a naturally occurring substance, is one of the first plant growth regulators being discovered and used successfully for enhancing flower production in pineapple. Its toxic effects to human beings are low. Although there is no evidence that this PGR is carcinogenic, testing is still being done. There are reports of organ damage, along with skin and eye irritation, as a result of ingesting large amounts it.

  3. Well, in the far past .. youth... I did use to have a shitty dealer who use to fleece & spray [one time raid] shit ... and I've gotten sick from earlier unflushed bud before. Seen moldy bud before as well as the worst brick that had broken glass in it... ( There's a good reason, I like knowing we're it came from.. I seen sum shit and Smoked death on the flip I've had some best stuff of my life inbetween that no medical has came even close to at the same time so🤷‍♂️) & gmo/chemical fertilizer in general not good small scale but large it becomes easier to manage then dilute then; proper flush but takes time and time is money so are: natural pecticides/ organic fertilizers/ organic composts/ natural nutrients/solar powered/generator water wheel powered lighting/ a good Water filtration system/optimal cooling airflow/ humity and temperature control environment/ a zone for drying/ a zone for curing/ proper jarring of halfs and ozs for the han so-low.

  4. I prefer the non PGR bud anyways. They do it for higher yield so they can sell a larger quantity. We buy in weight so as a consumer, it doesn't really matter whether your buds are light and fluffy or dense and compact. It all works out the same in the end. Better off buying as close to naturally grown as possible. There isn't even any need for them to use pesticides or herbicides if they would put as much effort into their growing environments as they did making profits.

  5. Incorrect especially if you read the article. They affect terpene and cannibinoid counts in the very least. Things that make and give flower that entourage effect.

  6. The shit I used to get off the street looked like the one without prgs, without any of the orange color. Couldn’t keep a blunt lit to save my life either

  7. Ya, I've seen better examples. Pic wize on reddit from usually from regulate legal markets or "street packs" asking if its pgr.

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