Keep pushing the good initiatives, call and write your reps 🤝

  1. How can the allow growing six plants but only 2.5 oz of possession lol What are you supposed to do? Harvest then throw a bunch of it away?? Smells like they're already planning to remove home grow from the bill

  2. Chances are when enough signatures are collected and this bill goes to the Republican controlled Senate they will most likely either vote it down or wait four months for it to expire. If that's the case it will then get sent back to the House for a 2nd round of signature collecting. If that's successful we'll be seeing it on the November 2022 ballot and the decision to legalize or not will be on us the voters.

  3. Yes that is the law marking process, what we can do is contact our reps to urge them to support it the first time through in order to keep their constituents happy. 👍

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