An animated dark tower?

  1. I think it would be cool BUT I want to see Midworld recreated in live action with the same lived-in quality as LOTR or the original Star Wars

  2. Yes! I think this would be an amazing way to render the series. There’s so much room for using different art and animation styles to really make the most of all the “big” scenes and characters. Animation is a limitless kind of filmmaking, which could really do the series justice.

  3. It’s really the only way for it to work. If they would try to CGI it’d be hokey. Animation would allow them to go start to finish and capture everything. Could use different animation to tell different stories.

  4. Honestly, I think that’d be the best way to represent the series weirder moments. Something heavily stylized like Samurai Jack would be great.

  5. I'd love for the studio that made Arcane to have a crack at it. I think that art style would work pretty well

  6. I've always thought they should make it an animated series like the old Spawn cartoon on HBO. Though now a days I'd imagine it would be like the Castlevania show on Netflix. As long as its dark and captures the mood of the books, I'm all in.

  7. Ooh you're listing to it? After my first 4 read throughs I switched to audio for the last 20 listen throughs. I hope you're enjoying Frank Muller's take on the characters. For me, its perfect.

  8. I always imagined if the Dark tower animated it would look a lot like Vampire Hunter D. With great expanses with ancient rust machines.

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