Pizza Delivery Problem

  1. Reminds me of when I was working. Dropped one of the most time consuming items we sell and spilled it all over the least convenient location possible, took what felt like half an hour to clean up, and because we were busy that made it even worse

  2. I might be reading too much into it but it seems like he wasn't having a great time to start with and had to force a smile as he was going up the stairs.

  3. Not only did he probably get reemed or fired for this, poor dude got one of his lowest points posted online for people to laugh at.

  4. Employer is going to get the cost of the pizza cut from his pay. I dont know how things go in the USA (I'm making an assumption that the video is from the USA), but logically that would happen.

  5. He looks like all he had to do was catch a routine fly ball to end the game but he dropped it, three runs scored and his team lost the World Series. It's that bad.

  6. This guy is an icon for all who feel defeated. Wish I knew who he was. I’d hug it out with him. He looks like he genuinely cared.

  7. I delivered food for many years, and accidentally messing up someone's order always felt so terrible. Meals are sacred and can sometimes be the best part of your day, so you really don't want to fuck that up for someone.

  8. It sucks because delivering pizzas is a pretty mundane and easy job, I used to do it for years as a teenager. Let me tell you, I forgot so many fucking sodas for people and sloshed around their pies to the point of being inedible it kinda fucked me up. Failing at a simple task like this makes you wonder what you can even succeed at.

  9. Sometimes on this sub I get a chuckle out of the videos. Not this time. I feel horrible for this guy. We should start a GoFundMe too pool for this guy. I have no idea how to do that or I would. He deserves it

  10. Came here to say this! Wish I could give this guy a big hug and treat him to a meal or a drink. Looks like he desperately needs a break.

  11. He looks seconds away from crying even after the customer accepted the pizza 😞 Hope someone was able to help him feel better. Mistakes happen!

  12. I was a delivery driver for a couple years at a couple different places and ive dropped 2 or 3 pizzas and ive gotta say it feels so horrible, these people have been waiting on their food for 20-40 minutes and as it arrives it falls on the ground. Its one of those heart dropping moments but ive been lucky with the people who were extremely understanding and probably tipped me better after I brought the new pizza because of how bad they could tell i felt. Now as a server, ive gotta say its a lot worse feeling in a restraunt setting because of the number of people watching plus quite often it ends up on them which at a restraunt they are stuck wearing whatever it is.

  13. I haven't had this happen as a pizza delivery driver, but other stuff has gotten messed up. I usually would just get in my car, call my manager and have them hurry up and make a new pizza or whatever and rush back to pick it up and redeliver. Most customers are understanding and appreciative. I only had one lady who wasn't happy after I did that and it was because I forgot a salad. Which I totally understand because you want your salad before your pizza. But I took all the salads off the order so she wouldn't get charged, redelivered them with cookies in the bag, we gave her a 20% discount on what was left on the order, and refused a tip and she was still pissed off after I apologized. At that point I just figured she would never be happy and there was nothing more I could do.

  14. Me too. I hope everyone was kind and understanding. We all mess up and need grace. I wouldn’t have posted it. Not cool throwing him under the bus for likes unless it was to help him.

  15. Damn this actually makes me wanna cry seeing the absolute disappointment and self doubt that’s being shown through his expression

  16. This was surprisingly heartbreaking. It would be very annoying but I hope the customer wasn’t too upset with him. I hope it was just a bad day for this guy and he’s doing well.

  17. I consider myself an emotionally strong man, and I'm completely unfazed by the most brutal gruesome shit the internet has to offer, cartel dismemberments, people burning alive, torture, all of it. But this, this video of this poor man dropping a pizza just brought tears to my eyes. I wish no one had to feel the way that man felt in those moments.

  18. when I was a pizza delivery guy I forgot the machine one time. I felt so bad that the guy had to call the store and pay over the phone that I cried in my car after. it sounds like such an easy job, but when you mess it up, you feel like the dumbest person in the universe because of how simple it should be.

  19. Bruh I feel ya. My first month as a delivery driver, I locked myself out of my car with five orders in it during the bar rush. We were already understaffed because most of the staff were students who went home for winter break, and I just cried alone in the cold while waiting for the tow guy to arrive.

  20. It's not a simple job! You know how often I go to the grocery store and forget one item? Lose track of time when doing an errand? And I get super exhausted if I drive so much in one day. Not to mention I encounter a lot of unexpectedly slow traffic too!

  21. I once had a delivery guy who couldn’t find me home. And once he finally managed to read the address the food was cold. I didn’t leave him a bad rating. Because he apologised and seemed genuinely sorry. He tried his best….he‘ll get there.

  22. Can we find out who this guy is or who he works for? I feel like he deserves something good to happen to him. He cared so much that he messed up and that is honestly lacking from a lot of people.

  23. Oh I know that look... That's the I'm so god damn worthless I can't even hand over a pizza without messing it up look. I hope he's doing better now, hope he didn't get fired over that accident.

  24. I always wonder why these little things make me tear up, like it just turned my evening from good to bad wtf

  25. Jesus christ. This video breaks my heart. Someone start a crowd funder to send this man on a dream holiday where people bring him the pizza all day long ! This poor guy :(

  26. He probably already eats enough pizza working in this profession, let's get him a new whip so he can speed away from the pizza business for good

  27. I generally come to this sub because for some reason people dying inside as funny or because I want to remind myself we all mess up from time to time. This guy, though, I just can’t help feeling bad for him.

  28. Food delivery (specifically pizza delivery or the like) is one of the most mentally and physically taxing jobs that people don't actually acknowledge as such. There is so much more to the job than just taking food to customers and little things like this can really just kill every ounce of energy you had left that day.

  29. The pizza place takes it out of your pay. I know this for a fact. The pizza pizza guy was about 5 minutes late and my bitch ex gf said I ain’t paying.. was a $50+ bill. I said it’s fine, they’re busy, our foods hot and fresh it’s fine. She kept screaming we ain’t paying. He literally started tearing up saying “please.. please they will take it out of my pay…” I told my gf to go cool off and have a smoke. I paid the bill plus a nice tip. He didn’t do anything wrong. Was just a very busy Saturday and the food was good. I felt bad for him. I dumped the bitch btw. I hated how she treated service workers, while being a service worker herself. Entitlement beyond comprehension. Also my friends dropped a pizza or two and the company took it out of there pay. Illegal or not, they do it.

  30. Before GPS was a thing, I rode along with my dad delivering pizzas one night to help navigate. One house was on the other side of a median, so we had to turn around in a grocery store parking lot. Completely stopped and waiting to turn, someone drove right into the driver's side door of our car (low speed but enough to crush it so it was unable to open). He lost all of that night's pay as it was the "30 minutes or less" guarantee company. The damage didn't get covered (the police sided with the other driver claiming he pulled out in front of them).

  31. If the food is fresh and hot why make a scene? Just accept it and don’t tip for the delay. But fucking take it. Is 5min jesus. I would accept it even if it was 30min.

  32. That's just one person's experience. I've worked in several pizza places, chains and mom and pop shops in my life and have over a decade of experience in everything from delivering, managing, and everything in between. If this was truly a policy you'd have employees owing their bosses on payday sometimes because buddy, mistakes happen. This reads like a

  33. I feel for that dude, I've suffered from self perfection where every little thing I did I wanted to do as best as I can and if I fucked up I'd blame myself saying I didn't deserve shit and should be fired. Luckily nowadays I'm more fine with failure thanks to a co-worker of which she was a surprisingly big help to my mental health. So if someone is just really sad or depressed looking after a fuck up, it really helps to console them and say that it's fine, I know its helped me cheer up but it may not be for everyone, I'm just summing up my experiences with perfectionism in workplaces.

  34. The look on that guy’s face says he dealing with some much more serious shit in his life and that was just the diarrhea icing on the shit cake.

  35. I gotta say, the empathy in this thread has restored a lot of the hope for humanity I've felt dwindling throughout this pandemic. It's pretty cool that our species can see a short clip like this and instantly relate to the guy -- not just relate, but feel the need to help him.

  36. Been there done that, had a similar reaction. I see some info saying that it'll get docked from his pay. I'm pretty sure that it is illegal to do that, but I'll speak from my experience as that's what I know for certain. I told the customer to call the shop and by the time I got back they had already started a new one and I did the delivery again. Extra time not doing a leg that will get a tip was plenty of a lesson to be infinitely more careful lol.

  37. This video always makes me feel SOOOO bad for this guy. More than anything on this sub. It's not a massive warehouse spill, or a public rejection. Its such small stakes, but I've worked as a deliver driver multiple times and the intimacy of standing at somebody's door, looking them in the face and ruining their order at literally the last moment before it's in their hands and then having to walk back to your car is just so brutal. Especially when their very nice about it, like this person.

  38. Well nobody's going to see this comment. But I can tell he was trying and he cared. I wish more people tried and more people cared.

  39. It’s just a guess obviously but he looks awkward with the way he’s holding the pizza which is part of the reason he dropped it, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t new at the job. Poor guy, I hate seeing someone working a shit job get so defeated by it.

  40. Shit holes uploading the video of this guy's accident. Not everything needs to be posted to social media, give the guy some privacy for fuck's sake.

  41. I don’t know why your getting downvoted. I for one would not want to be recorded and then broadcast to the entire world when I make a mistake at work. That would be much more humiliating to me than the mistake itself.

  42. Dudes I was underage at some . Naked pizza closed down. Your right at the time it would have mattered but who's going to fight for 8$ and get fired or at least they'll just give you no hours so you quit. Sucks but that what it is

  43. I’m sorry for him. I work as food delivery rider too. I dropped food accidentally a few times too. That’s why I always have one hand under the food that I hold with another hand.

  44. Poor guy, but let's be honest with that reaction he actually deserves extra tip, he cared about what happend, I feel bad for him, hope he is doing well

  45. I used to be a Pizza Hut delivery driver, and almost this exact thing happened to me. They ordered a pizza and some super saucy wings. While first taking out the pizza and handing it to them, somehow the container of wings slid out too unexpectedly. I’m not sure how, but I managed to catch the container of wings in mid air after it flipped once and I had to hold it upside down in my hand for a minute because my other hand was full and they were busy signing the receipt. I don’t know how they didn’t notice. I ended up handing it to them with sauce leaking and dripping everywhere. It worked out, but not after being given a weird look when they grabbed it. I felt bad about that but dropping the whole thing on the ground was one of my worst fears, so I feel really bad for this dude

  46. I used to deliver pizzas and man… that shit can be rough. I really would have tipped this dude well and told him its all good. Drivers gotta support other drivers.

  47. Someone find out who this guy is so I can give him the massive tip that he deserves for doing that shitty ass job

  48. I've had similar things like this happen before. I've also seen customer service personnel get stuck in places in a store they know nothing about. All I want to do is give these folks a hug and say it is okay. You never know the power a kind word can bring.

  49. If there’s anything I learned as a pizza delivery guy, it was take the damn food out of the bag instead of carrying the bag to the door and trying to one hand an entire pizza. Especially when there is multiple items, it’s always a pain in the ass

  50. I hope the person getting the pizza didn’t call the pizza place and get the guy in trouble because he is bummed out enough already.I would’ve given him a five dollar tip and eat what I could of the pizza.

  51. I really hope whoever ordered the pizza has some ounce of empathy here. People are human, dude obviously felt bad, and the pizza was probably just fine.

  52. Awww, what a sweet empathetic angel. Life is hard sometimes, and small stupid moments like this can be very very difficult. Wish I could tell him it’s going to be okay and he’s awesome.

  53. In my time as a deliveryman, the only time it happened was at the damn drive through. An entire pie, gone, and the quizzical look of a customer just staring at me.

  54. This looks like a manager who decided to cover the deliverers route. Any experienced pizza delivery person wouldn't let that happen. Bag loops over your arm and you use 2 hands to handle the box.

  55. Poor guys just trying to make some money and probably fuck all doing that job. The pain on his face. Unbelievable Jeff. Give him a hug and another pizza to deliver. And we'll forget this ever happened

  56. Damn, somebody give that poor man a hug. And a better job. And a replacement pizza for that family that got pizza spilled on their porch.

  57. This man NEEDS a hug. I feel so much for him. He was trying so hard, it was clearly an accident, yet that look of defeat. Ouch. I do honestly hope his day got better.

  58. I dropped a ranch that busted open and the customer was angry drunk and was about to beat my ass. He called the store because the manager said "oh thank god, you're still alive" when I walked back in.

  59. My very first delivery alone, I braked too hard on the way to the house and the bag shot off the front seat into the footwell.

  60. No one knows what goes through someone else's mind, it was probably a hard day for him and this made it even worse. If you are reading this, it's ok, everyone makes mistakes, I hope you are ok now.

  61. That's the look of hating yourself. That's the look of total defeat. I can really feel what he felt and i'm all too familiar with it. That's a defeated man and it's terrible thing to see.

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