The enter password screen keeps popping up after the update

  1. This screen can keep popping up for a couple of different reasons. The first thing I would encourage you to do is go to iTunes Store > More > Downloads and verify that you don't have any pending downloads. A lot of times this message will pop-up because there's some type of hangup in downloading a purchase you've made. Also try checking this from your computer, I have seen instances where your phone may be trying to download some type of exclusive content that came packaged with an Album that you purchased such as a, "Digital Booklet."

  2. I don't know how to fix this, but the weird thing is, this also happened to me, except it was with someone else's AppleID. As in, someone I had never heard of, who had never owned the phone, who was not added in Settings on the App Store account or iCloud or anything. It was very strange.

  3. I've seen this issue when you are restoring from a backup (or waking up after am update) and one or more songs in your library come from a random user who purchased that song on iTunes, uploaded it directly to a torrent/p2p and, you downloaded it and synced it to the phone.

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