Should I go alone to raves in Brussels?

  1. I used to do this when no friends wanted to come with me. Big chance people make contact if you're alone (and not shitfaced). I really liked it actually !

  2. I never went to a party by myself but I would totally say go for it. Ppl are usually nice, and who knows you can make new friends during drunk conversations :)

  3. I did it many times, and I met many people who are still my friends to this day ! I say go for it :)

  4. Hey, im in a similar situation than you are! None of my friends like it, so I've been several times alone as well. Honestly I prefer it whenever I know the DJ I'm going to see, but whenever it was an spontaneous rave I started to feel kinda "bored" sooner than in other times...but still its nice to try once in a while!

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