Me: next pandemic likely to be started by Bill Gates

  1. He's a shifty-eyed fuck, isn't he?. The hand wringing and the side eye is only surpassed on the 'blatant villain' scale by Klaus Schwab and his Nazi accent.

  2. Bill Gates looks weird to you? There’s a difference between 80s nerd and realestate heir btw. They don’t all wear tan makeup and have 100 excess pounds @ 75, btw.

  3. I like how he suddenly has his fingers on the world pulse of "possible bioterrorist attacks", even more so than any Federal agency. Seriously, why is he talking like he's Bush during the Iraq war? What a convenient thing to say too, no matter what manifests it wouldn't be difficult to blame these unseen forces on other unseen forces.

  4. Ok I just posted about this. The next pandemic will be caused by climate change because climate change is actually just another way of saying our sun is blowing up at an increasing and alarming rate. We are about to see boils and blisters everywhere but not from a virus, from radiation blasts coming from our sun. It will be sold to us as a highly infectious disease so that we all go into hiding again but really, it’s just the sun. No stopping her.

  5. You can’t stop the climate changing. Its natural. What a bullshit narrative to profit off of something that is going to happen one way or another.

  6. They r going to bilk us something good. I mean doesn't Norway or Sweden have a carbon tax already? So we're headed to being charged to breath and move about. Think about that. They are fixing to tax our air and mobility. Can't have all that free air floating around! TAAAAX IIIITTTT! these slobs driving around almost free. Hmm we tax for the roads...what else can we do? Oh ya! Charge them for....for.....using the climate! That's it! Air and weather now not free folks. Enjoy

  7. When he says things like this that means he is covering his ass for the next plandemic. Because climate change now apparently has the ability to create viruses from thin air. The man who wants less people on the planet is suddenly very worried about pandemics.

  8. I suppose thawing could release some ancient virus that's been under or in the ice for ages, but i have a feeling the chance of him creating something and blaming it on exactly that is alot higher than it actually happening

  9. Climatic conditions have facilitated vector-borne disease outbreaks like chikungunya, dengue, and West Nile fever and have contributed to a geographic range expansion of tick vectors that transmit Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis. 🤔

  10. "There's a 50% chance it will be caused by environment, 50% chance by terrorism..................I'll let you know when I choose."

  11. Climate change is releasing microorganisms that have been frozen in permafrost for tens of thousands of years.

  12. Just like last time and the time before that and that and that. And its Percent not Per Cent so are we gonna die by 50 per a penny.

  13. There’s a 50% chance i chop my balls off, either I do or don’t, what a nonsense statistic to put in an article

  14. Because people living their regular life's cause pandemics. Nothing to do with huge industrial pollution or bio weapons (I mean, gain of function.. I mean.. How does the WHO calls it now? Research...)

  15. Author Michael Crichton spoke about eco-terrorists a couple decades ago and that they are as zealous as religious fanatics and willing to do unspeakable things in the name of climate protection, even if it means harming/damaging said climate as a means to their end. Gates has the pockets to fund something as such.

  16. The earth has been cooling for decades. This is well known and established in all scientific circles. The only people it isn't known to are the media. Period. You'll be hard pressed to find any info on this. Not only has this planet been cooling, ALL planets in our system are cooling. This is well established as well, most notably Russian scientists going back decades.

  17. I thought Billy thought more of himself than to refer to his person as being a bio-terrorist. I would not give the dying breed of patriots at the DOJ new ideas...

  18. Don't stop there, let's go ahead and add Russians to the mix, so it's Putin-made climate change causing the next gun scamdemic, platypus pox, 99.99999999999% survival rate which means we're all going to diiiiiieeeee unless we go for the 12th booster shot by next Tuesday

  19. No Bill, you and Fauci (where is this guy) have lost all credibility with your aggresive vax mandates, knowing it is killing us, designed for that purpose.

  20. He might be on to something. There are many nasty microbes that have been frozen in permanent frost since the last ice age. If glacial melting continues, who knows what might make its way into our lives.

  21. What would those odds be if he stopped investing his money into the research and development of these pathogens? By global warming, is he talking about black outs occurring in places his labs sit? Like containment cannot be promised if power gives out(?) askin for a fren

  22. Does anyone ever wonder what happened to him? Why is he so rich and anti human. I don't believe in religion or "selling your soul" but it weirdly makes more sense than anything else I can think of.

  23. I feel like if they were deliberately releasing these pandemics that it would be far worse than this. Doesn’t seem like the population was effected

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