What’s your guys’ favorite song from the soundtrack? Mine is Einstein Grovin’.

  1. Elm is such a good song in context too, because it is absolutely NOT and what you expect to hear during a chase scene, and it’s a really good example of how the music alone can completely change the feeling of a scene.

  2. That scene was amazing. The fast paced chase scene paired with the blank expression on Jet’s face. It really fit the crushing pain and conflicting emotions he must have been feeling

  3. Oh man! So many good choices and so many different genres. I really like Ask DNA, but for the series I’d say Want It All Back (Episode 2) or Too Good Too Bad (Episode 4). But nothing tops 24hours OPEN 🙃

  4. I played the movie soundtrack for my mom back in high school, when I first discovered Bebop, & I remember her turning to me with this look of... just abject horror when 24hours OPEN started. Like, "THIS is the music you were raving about to me? Should I be worried?"

  5. Adieu cuz I’m a sucker for classy piano ballads, Call Me Call Me, Flying Teapot, Wo Qui Non Coin (it’s a weird one, but I vibe with its melancholic cuteness), The Real Folk Blues, and Blue but I have to be in a certain mood for that one. Also I love Mai Yamane’s androgenous voice.

  6. I love the song in Knockin on Heaven’s door when Spike is in the dogfight. The jazz kicks in right as he flies over the highway.

  7. No one mentioned any of the new tracks, which is one of the few good things that can be said about the LA. Chasin' on the LA OST absolutely kills. Second half feels stronger overall. First run through of the album i wanted to cry after realizing for a second time all the squandered potential. Love too much of the original stuff to pick a favorite, i rediscover it all the time.

  8. Space Lion, Blue, Rain, Gotta Knock a Little Harder, and Even one from the Netflix show Lord of The Empty, I really enjoy that track.

  9. Welp, this one maybe from the soundtrack but ain't used on the show, Call me Call me is my song on the other hand.

  10. Do I have to pick one? Because if so, I don't think I can pick between Green Bird, Space Lion, Tank!, The Real Folk Blues or Call me, Call me.

  11. Tank! I could listen to that song all-day for probably at least a few days before I want to listen to something else. I love the sax

  12. Road to the West and Goodnight Julia are two wistful masterpieces for sure. The scene in the beginning of Jupiter Jazz when Goodnight Julia begins to play is really an unmatched cinematic; besides the greenbird church scene of course.

  13. All of it, seriously I think it's one of the greatest soundtracks in the history of the medium. However I have a particular soft spot for; Rain, Space Lion, Don't Bother None and No Money (from the movie).

  14. You asking for one song out of all the albums produced is like asking your favorite one anime of all time....to hard to pick just one.

  15. Space Lion, far and away. I drive a lot (especially at night) and that song is excellent late night city driving music.

  16. Either dijurido, wo qui non coin, or rush maybe? Piano bar is rly fun to play and I'm doing a piano solo arrangement of time to know/be~ waltz... idk, there's so much good music from the osts, how am I supposed to pick just one? 乁| ・ 〰 ・ |ㄏ

  17. « Call me, Call me » is mine, I love listening to it while lying down, looking out at the sky or something. Very calming

  18. If the music from the movie counts the Gotta knock a little harder was my theme song for a few years, if not then goodnight Julia. This show had to have had the best rendision of Ava Maria I've ever heard.

  19. Am I weird for liking « time to know - be waltz » from the movie ? But space lion, it’s from another dimension. It’s amazing

  20. Tank! Ever since the first time I heard it all those years ago, I simply fell in love with it, same story for FLCL's Ride on Shooting Star. Tank! Has been my ringtone for the last about ten years

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