[No Spoilers] What is Matt's greatest set piece?

  1. My favorite 2 of Matt's have been mentioned (The C1 finale and C1 episode 51/52 battle in Westrunn), as has my favorite from C2 (the cathedral).

  2. I really enjoyed the pier/ship one in Nicodranas in M9. It wasn't intended to be epic, but just looked so damn good. It helped that it was a fairly funny fight.

  3. Which episode was this? I just watched their first interactions with her, is that later when they find her lair?

  4. I remember that being the first time I was truly blown away by the maps. The drawings were always cool and creative, but seeing a town square fully realized like that was just incredible.

  5. I'm in a C1 rewatch myself right now, aiming to finish the Briarwood arc before Legend of Vox Machina drops to have a fresh comparison in mind for it, and I'm right after the K'Varn fight in the Underdark. I've come to realize just how much I missed the simple paper and sharpie maps from back then. Yeah, the Dwarven Forge stuff is fucking sweet, especially when you get the tricked out ones with running water and fog effects and light up props and stuff, but there's a beautiful simplicity to those paper maps that reminds you that this all started as a home game with a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors just hanging out and having fun with each other.

  6. I think my favorite is the one he never used sorta. C2 and the boats and Taliesin just flips the other boat and Matt just tears up all the sheets he had plannned.

  7. Although I'd say the one after the one you are referring to is also pretty good. But yes that fight was so cool

  8. Kings cage. Not as epic as some of the others, but i haven't been as scared for the pc's any other time. Not to mention the badass dungeon crawl that led up to it.

  9. Gotta fully agree with this. It evokes the insanity of Obann’s transformation so well and set the stage for the subsequent escape incredibly

  10. The underwater map with that sunken ship for me. I can imagine Matt going to a petshop, then immediately asking for the aquarium decorations.

  11. Personally, my favorite was avocados lair(don't remember his real name) I liked it being underground, and underwater. The coral aspect was really nice.

  12. Wanna call out one I haven't seen yet. The stone family menagerie. 1) cause it was so pretty, being set in a jungle and all and 2) because it was a very dynamic map with interesting mechanics. An enemy we a charge attack and objects you DO NOT want broken

  13. While we'd get similar concepts in C2 with the nautical combat here and there, C1's airship map will always stand out in my memory for me as one of the more interesting C1 maps. Especially the realization that they were very high in the air and that if you could get someone overboard, odds are they weren't coming back. That and I just love airships.

  14. In order to not spoil anything, I'll just say that when they fight a BBEG, Matt really goes all out with the set design. The "final boss" fights of C1 and C2, as well as a battle against a particularly firey foe on C1 are good examples.

  15. I’ve always wondered, how many battles are possible for the cast to creatively sidestep when Matt has made these insane dioramas? Seems like pen on a mat is better for allowing all the infinite possibilities of D&D?

  16. As far as I can tell, there is only one boss they've been able to sidestep bc Laura Bailey is a genius.

  17. I got to say - while some of these sets are pretty to look at, it's not what I like the most in the show. I very much like the hand drawn maps better than fancy expensive set pieces. And not because I think it's edgy or anything, they just feel like they are exactly how Mercer/Dm's in general picture the fight. Such as allowing more flexibility and range to the map. For the same reason I love the personalized mini's he makes for his Boss' battles - they are what he wants him to be. I'm all for having some nice pieces to drop in there - like flickering torches or a nice set of pillars but the Dwarven Forge plastic walls and floors everywhere kinda' boor me. Oh- some nice building to throw down for a city fight is also good.

  18. Some of my favorite: The Killbox town square in Westruun. The square, the fighting ring, the buildings on the sides. Well done.

  19. As I just finished C1E40 (for the second time), at the close of the episode Travis mentions how cool the battle was with the models and Matt casually mentions:

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