(Dr. Strange Spoilers) This scene in IW now has new meaning…

  1. Oh god, I wonder what the hell my variant's doing now since he amputated my own (or his own??) leg that got bit by a fucking cobra

  2. For me it’s just being back in school. High school specifically. My senior year was ended abruptly when COVID hit but I’ve had at least a dozen dreams in the past 2 years (and still do some of the time now) where I have to go back and finish senior year of high school right now but it’s awful because either A) nobody likes me there B) I don’t have a schedule C) I didn’t do any homework that was apparently assigned over the last 2 years or all three. I’d describe it as a nightmare, but waking up to realize I don’t have school anymore is such a good feeling.

  3. My counterparts skip a LOT of school / class and as a consequence are astoundingly unprepared for a lot of major exams...

  4. Or that dream were the Avengers were very smol and were preparing for a War against a clan of armed frogs, all while Jennifer Aniston is expecting a baby.

  5. What if it’s normal to wear no pants in the other universes, but when you dream you panic because it’s not normal for us. And then everyone laughs at you for thinking about wearing pants in their universe?!?!

  6. My multiverse selves just tripping and fucking dying and then, here's me that went through some shit that should have killed me but still lives. Maybe I'm the threat to the multiverse?

  7. My multiverse doppelgangers use toilets that are out in the middle of a lobby or the quad. They eventually poop trying to be quite as possible. However, they refuse to wipe due to being embarrassed about how they wipe. Those poor fucking bastards.

  8. Not only that, Scarlet Witch wasn't just giving them those thoughts, she was subconsciously activating a version of dreamwalking for them.

  9. There is hopefully an infinite number of universes where they won, as there will be an infinite number where they lost.

  10. But we know they won in 2 universes, while he only saw 1. So I dont think his time hopping was connected to the multiverse.

  11. And remember in Thor: Ragnarok, when he said he’s been having nightmares of Asgard being destroyed by Surtur. Different ways Ragnarok was unleashed.

  12. There’s also a universe in which Strange and Wong start a band and Wanda plays professional hackeysack

  13. I have a recurring dream about being eaten by a giant snake. Wong's variants suffer a far worse fate, those poor beautiful bastards.

  14. Can someone just make a compilation of every time someone has mentioned a dream they had this is crazy

  15. Arguably every mention of a dream prior to the events of Loki are just normal dreams, since the multiverse was contained up until that point.

  16. Hmmm, not revealed. Theorized. They don't prove this in the movie do they? Don't they just say they believe this is the case?

  17. Maybe for magic users. Let's not assume literally every person on earth is dreaming about alternate realities. Also, this scene already had a payoff in the next movie. It's not referencing anything more than that. They literally have a kid together. That's it. Don't make it anything else.

  18. Prior to the events of Loki that might not have been the case though. So I would say it's not definitive that the dreams thing is applicable retroactively.

  19. This has been comic canon for a while as well. Not only "possible futures", but all visions and dreams are considered to be proper alternate universes.

  20. The multiverse aspect of the MCU opens it up for any number of possible scenarios including this one. But I do believe RDJ was done playing the character. He had a great send off and I think bringing him back for anything other than a major role, which I don't think is likely, would be a waste.

  21. My thoughts exactly! This scene feels very intentionally planned to me. When someone asked the Russo brothers about a Tony return they said this:

  22. They’re obviously building towards Hickman’s Secret Wars, so it’s very likely we will see variants of every hero. I believe we’ll see a reboot of Iron Man when they’re done with the Secret Wars saga.

  23. Yeah, but I wonder if Tony Stark dying is an absolute point in time that happens in every universe. No evidence to back it up, but just what they might do because, i feel like Tony Stark would be arrogant in EVERY universe. Maybe not have a redemption arc until the very end (in some cases) if you know what I mean

  24. It eases the idea of recasting a role, if nothing else. People always floated the idea but I never liked it--the Rhodey switch from Iron Man 1 to 2 has never stopped being really jarring for me. But now you can recast and just say it's variant-whomever

  25. 20 years from now in Avengers 13, they will bring back OG Ironman and CapA the same way Star Trek brought back OG Spock.

  26. The writers for MoM said they actually considered having a variant of Tony Stark in the Illuminati... played by Tom Cruise. I'm still hoping to see this happen some day and I'm not even a big Tom Cruise fan. It'd just be a neat alternate scenario considering he was originally considered for the role in the first place before it went to RDJ

  27. I’m certain they didn’t write this dialogue keeping MoM concept in mind (Like how the kid in ironman 2 wasn’t Peter until recently)

  28. Interesting. Curious though, do you guys think that dreams have always been glimpses of the multiverse or did it only become as such after what Sylvie did?

  29. The multiverse always existed. Sylvie's actions only created new timelines that had more dangerous versions of Kang. And I'm not even sure if alternate timelines and alternate universes mean the same thing in the mcu

  30. Technically what Sylvie did was out of time and the splinters happened across the entire timeline not just at that point.

  31. There is no "after" what Sylvie did. She did it outside of time. So from the 616 universe's point of view, it had always been the case and the multiverse has always existed.

  32. My thought exactly. Multiverse technically only came about after Loki finale, so anything before then is just coincidence. Fun to think about though.

  33. Sylivie did what she did outside time, and its effects can be seen throughout the entire sacred timeline. From the perspective of those within time, this has always been the status quo. There is no “after” Sylvie did what she did.

  34. The thing about that reveal, though, hasn't it always been true implicitly from the premise of the multiverse?

  35. The problem with infinity is that you start to lose meaning. It means universes are being lost every moment, so what really are high stakes anymore?

  36. Wait if all dreams are just you seeing your life in another reality, then every other variant of me has been having a really, really good time

  37. Why is everyone saying the multiverse didn’t exist before Loki? It’s literally mentioned several times in the first Strange movie…

  38. Idk. In their opinion they interpreted the Loki series as Multiverses not existing until they kill He Who Remains. But that isn’t how I did. I understood it as He Who Remains was keeping a definitive border between the MAIN multiverse and others. Because the other Kangs weren’t benevolent like him.

  39. I really want to believe that the idea that all dreams are parallel universes is just America's theory and it's only some of them. In the first place, most dreams don't really make enough sense to be part of any coherent universe, in spite the idea that there are many universes where Wong is being chased by a clown; in the second, the idea of dreams as a mirror into the subconscience is also a valuable one for storytelling purposes that I don't think the entire MCU should have to sacrifice it.

  40. I want to agree here, but I think the movie is pretty clear that it's true and not just Amerika's pretty theory. Evil Strange makes references to dreams as multiversal, and Wanda specifically uses it as evidence - "I know my kids are real because I've sent them in my dreams". Neither of them have spoken to Amerika at that point, so they didn't get the idea from her.

  41. They may not make sense according to the 616-universe's logic or that of ours, but that doesn't mean that they can't make sense according to their own logic. I like the notion that infinite universes could also mean infinite ways of how physics, time, and everything else may operate across them.

  42. Quite possibly. Each universe probably has their own variation of the TVA to police each specific timeline.

  43. Although there are infinite universes and some characters like Strange and Stark possibly dreamed and also did dream of their other being in a different universe, maybe some of those dreams are more psychological. And not just PTSD. Each of those characters are portrayed as ego driven. There could be a chance possibly that some of those dreams such as in IM3 is more or less a war of their own consciences. For instance, Tony feels/felt guilt for his family's legacy of creating weapons that cost thousands of lives. Strange lost the use his hands to perform surgeries so he is compensating by taking up the cloak. Black Widow trying to make up for what she did as an assassin etc. etc. Simply put, seeing a small fraction of a war they have with themselves.

  44. In iron man 3 tony is having nightmares about going through the wormhole in avengers, but really that’s just the other Tony’s doing the same thing

  45. It's so dumb to be that people are obsessing over this concept. A multiverse means that literally every permutation of reality exists so of course there are ones that perfectly match up with everyone's dreams. The only reason it mattered in MoM was because Strange's dream literally was the reality America Chavez was just in.

  46. this dream thing is all fine and dandy until you realize you also have nightmares, which Tony did before making Ultron

  47. I'm hoping dr. Strange 3 deals with the fallout of crossing these dimensions. Like a war between the dream world (Nightmare) & that underworld (Mephisto) vs the real world.

  48. I turned to my gf in theatre when they explained it and immediately told her that means Tony and Pepper both at some point recently saw universes where they pissed their pants.

  49. Wanda long already know Multiverse and hacking while Dr Strange still dreaming. that's MoM opening scene.

  50. At first I thought some dreams were visions into different universes, turns out every dream is from a different universe

  51. Endgame was just an end for some characters/actors, but it's still just a continuous story. If anything, Endgame really starts the multiverse phase

  52. So if I had a dream where I had the ability to jump to different universes does that mean there's a version of me hopping through different universes?

  53. Skipped past the image. I just wanted to thank you for calling out the spoiler in the title. You’re a good dude! Thank you thank you!

  54. Can someone explain why Dr. Strange knows about the spideys from NWH although no one expect Peter should remember anything? It's just such a little piece of dialog but actually ist insanly importent. Also watched the film in German so maybe a misstranslation?

  55. From what i understand the spell he used at the end of NWH makes people forget that Peter Parker exists but they still have memories of his superhero identity, Spider-Man. This is why JJJ is talking about how no one knows Spider-Man's identity at the end and why Happy remembers he was connected to Spider-Man

  56. You want a spoiler that predicted the plot of "Dr. Strange: MoM"? How about this one from SEVEN years ago when Elizabeth Olsen was doing press for "Age of Ultron"?

  57. weirdest part of Dr. Strange 2 for me was the guy at the funeral is like "my brother died, was there no other way" and strange was like "yes, definitely no other way" and then he goes to Illuminati universe and they are like "oh we just bitched Thanos w/ the darkhold, lol" or whatever.

  58. I think it was a mistake for them to establish dreams as visions into the multiverse. I hope it’s made clear it’s just a theory.

  59. If that was the case, the other universes in MoM wouldn't exist. Thanks to Sylvie killing He Who Remains at the end of Loki, all other universes not only exist, but they have always existed. It's not a chronological thing, because what she did took place at his palace beyond space and time.

  60. I feel like we need more of an explanation in the MCU, however I think what happened at the end of Loki happened across time including past events, so it kinda would of been there but from us / watchers view it hadn't yet.

  61. I'm not a fan of this idea, honestly. It's one of those things that are introduced without a really good reason and sooner or later become problematic. It practically removes a possibility to have dreams as a storytelling tool in the future. It also cheapens them as a way to glance inside character's head.

  62. Exactly. The only other explanation that makes sense is if they were dreaming about the universes that previously existed before HWR reduced the Multiverse down to the Sacred Timeline or were presciently dreaming about the universes that were going to exist after Sylvie’s actions.

  63. The way I understood it is that the events of Loki opened up the multiverse so dreams before that were just dreams. But then again, that was outside of time so “when” did He Who Remains being killed happen relative to the MCU

  64. I think it kinda depends on what the branches forming actually means- did those universes actually exist prior to the branch, and if they did, how different can they be?

  65. No, Loki didn’t happen yet. Its strange because by the movie’s logic no one should have ever dreamed before endgame was finished…

  66. Hypothetically this occurred prior to the dead of He Who Remains, so there was only the main time-line so dreams were just dreams... Unless since it happened outside of time things were retroactively affected...

  67. But wasn’t the multiverse not created yet? I’m trying to think 4th dimensionally in so far as time is not linear, but as of the date of this scene the multiverse had not been created yet

  68. The multiverse always existed, He Who Remains only pruned the timelines that one of his Variants existed. There were still multiple timelines going on, just none that led to a Kang.

  69. The multiverse wasn’t unleashed until after infinity war. Before hand it was just the sacred timeline so dreams were just dreams back then. No new meaning. Just well structured continuity.

  70. Do people not remember that the multiverse didn't exist until kang died? Which is at the same time dr strange loses control of the spell? (Confirmed by writers) Dreams before that moment were just normal dreams because every other multiverse would be purged by the tva

  71. The events of Loki could have happened any point, the TVA exist outside of time so the events that happened during Loki happened before and after everything we’ve seen in the MCU, it doesn’t fall anywhere on a timeline

  72. It's not like having babies are hard or rare. Obviously, in the universe Tony dreamt of, Morgan was born earlier, as we can assume she was born sometime in 2019.

  73. feel free to correct me, but wasnt there only 1 universe until Sylvie killed kang, so there was no multiverse up until that point?

  74. So everybody’s dreams work like this now? lol I thought it was only strange since ya know he has the eye and is a sorcerer of the mystic arts

  75. Also gives a whole new perspective to Robert's dream in Due Date, if it followed MCU logic (and obviously, its not an MCU movie).

  76. But here's the thing that is weird to me, the Loki show was happening at the same time everything was happening, there was no multiverse until the Loki show explained why a multiverse is bad and at the end of the shows climax the one timeline split into endless alternate timelines creating the multiverse all while everything was happening. How the FUCK did Loki not make it into the multiverse of madness is beyond me, i legitimately thought he and sylvie were going to be apart of the plot but nah, they just forgot about them OR they have a bigger part down the line. It would have been interesting for the "time cops" to be somewhat involved in the movie :(

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