Monkeypox is just getting started

  1. PSA: When you see words like "guess" or "don't miss out" in DD, it probably makes sense to do your own research. Whatever your sentiment is, make sure the odds are in your favor and not someone else's.

  2. Bears on wsb are so desperate these days lol. I’m sure a lighter version of small pox which already has a cure and vaccine, and transmit through butthole sex can bring down civilization

  3. Even if you’re not having sex, your wife and her boyfriend and his boyfriend are, and you sleep in that bed. Calls for days.

  4. What if someone at the subway train spits on you? Or worst you go to get your fav Wendy’s and someone without gloves handles your food. Then you got a little e.coli sprinkled with monkeypox. Then bam, you got explosive diarrhea and huge sores on mouth.

  5. I thought it was sex and for some reason gay men in specific... I'm not claiming to be an expert here... just a clown with a reddit account

  6. I love coming to a casino and finding better facts about disease than on the interwebs itself. It’s extremely fascinating.

  7. As my knowledge is based solely upon watching Netflix, this could impact something like 42% of the population. I should sell everything now.

  8. You hated us “greenies” coming north before, now just wait until us abortion loving, weed smoking, pox carrying bastards head your way, lol.

  9. I’ve thought about this for awhile actually. Working out this morning I realized just how many points of contact / attack vectors I came in touch with. I think this is the right thinking (just like shorting sea world and six flags during covid) but it’s a touch early. I’m looking at the largest national chains right now, specifically planet fitness, which is already trading at a high pe.

  10. Simple don’t have gay sex for a little while guys… we can kill of this virus by just avoiding butt sex. Can’t you all degens just rub one out for a few months? Then we can all happily go back to butt sex after the virus dies off and trade options together without knowing wtf we’re doing?!

  11. The vaccine is pretty good too. But the CDC and feds had a royal fckup in vaccine access. One, they embargoed 300,000 doses in Europe for some pissy FDA regulation. And two, today the NYTimes said the US allowed 20 million vaccine doses expire in recent years. Sounds like the AIDS and covid fckups repeating themselves.

  12. It’s viral infect spread through contact, kids touch and eat everything. How are you even surprised. Polio is a GI gut virus and kids were getting it from eating poop

  13. From the other people in the thread it seems everyone is convinced that you have to get rawdogged by a penis to catch it. Pretty shitty job at public health messaging so far.

  14. The other big difference would be that with monkey pox generally only symptomatic people are contagious. So be careful about hanging out with people who are feeling sick or have scabs all over their body aka common sense.

  15. Monkey pox will not be the next covid. It’s a bunch of hysteria. First you need to have prolonged skin to skin contact with someone to catch it. Second there is an effective vaccine and you can get it after showing symptoms and it still works to stop the disease. Also not the first time we’ve had an outbreak of monkey pox in the US.

  16. Current administration wouldn’t want another outbreak @ election time??? Ya fucked? That’s exactly what they want.

  17. Im actually quite worried about when schools start back up. Kids can't not touch anything and everything. My niece and nephew are sick all school year long. Also don't underestimate how much parents dismiss things because it's an inconvenience to them to deal with. Looks like a rash, send them to school anyway, then half the class is spreading it. Drives me crazy!

  18. Monkeypox is the second joke of this century. Covid being the first. Unlike covid, it is much less transmissible. Plus, It isn’t the first time an outbreak has taken place. The difference is that now we have social media. A place where anxiety and fear is transmitted faster than the speed of light. A place where weak and addicted minds are easily manipulated by any kind of information (true and or false). Even though this reddit is more about making money during this potential difficult time, i really do hope it’s not covid 2.0 cause even if i do get rich, there is still no point in living in a divisive, fearful and sick world.

  19. Since Covid was such a success, they decided to try a new one and see if the control response could be further conditioned into citizens. Meanwhile, they are prepping major release #3 for late 2024

  20. It’ll will not spread like covid did, Govt around the world are now better equipped than before. Also, Money Pox is not very deadly compared to covid

  21. Monkeypox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin-to-skin contact. Stop touching butts people, please.

  22. Seems weird though cause you’d think the last think they’d want during an election year is a virus that’s made them look woefully incompetent by how lagged and shitty the response has been.

  23. Monkey pox is like small pox CDC and the WHO made mention about rolling put the vaccine because it's pretty much the same... ive had the small pox vaccine in the Marines... monkey pox transition is the same as small pox pretty much listed above and respiration as well... I wouldn't worry about it... just another biotech pump n dump speaking of which any risky biotech positions lol

  24. I thought San Francisco was the city with the highest homosexual population. Monkey pox exposed NYC. NY was supposed to be thugged out. NY is filled with Mary’s.

  25. This is not like the Covid pandemic because this is not an airborne virus. Also people aren't dying from this like they did from Covid. Siga is a pump and dump that is in the dump stage

  26. Guys, some information to be dully noted. THE Monkeypox does not only affect homosexuals, even though the gay community is in a epidemic. The disease is also transmitted through touching objects, where the virus can stay alive for a very long time until it’s next host comes along. The virus can also be transmitted through food and water, despite refrigeration and thorough cooking for up to 11 days. This disease is NOT A STD OR STI, don’t treat it like it’s HIV

  27. I’m so tired of all this scare porn around this virus. 5 total deaths worldwide straight of WHO as of July 27. This is such a non concern and in no way another world pandemic

  28. Half the comments: STOP DOING BUTT STUFF. The post: it can spread from touching infected surfaces. Heres the source on that. The internet: children have contracted the virus and evidence shows it can be spread through kissing.

  29. If the power brokers in Washington DC can find a believable way, or a story the gullible will accept, then YES they want it 'raging' across the country during an election. It will be used as a scare tactic to keep people away from each other, a way to limit access to the polls and to info. Of course, I should also mention that there is a movement to change the name because for some unknown reason using the term Monkeypox to refer to an illness called by that name is considered racist by whomever decides these things.

  30. Simply just stop screwing monkeys. Tsk. But on a serious note, my opinion is very much if you are so promiscuous and cannot keep it in your pants and stick it to just one partner, you fucking deserve it if you catch it.

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