China launched missiles into waters around Taiwan

  1. sabre-rattling is their primary "weapon"! They are cut from the same cloth as N.Korea that routinely fires few missiles just so the world does not forget they exist (or maybe because Kim Jong-Un was bored, who knows!). While I am no fan of mama Pelosi, i think she did the right thing by visiting Taiwan to show the CCP scums US cannot be threatened nor be intimidated. It is time to float the idea of a "One Taiwan Policy" and start calling PRC as 'West Taiwan' or 'Greater Taiwan' !

  2. This is for their (China) internal audience. Pelosi visiting has more attention inside China than outside I imagine. Nearly every second wechat post on my moments had people condemning this.

  3. Nancy went over there to get a war going so when the economy takes a shit they can blame it on the war between China and Taiwan like they did with Putin 😂

  4. They just throwing a temper tantrum. Let them throw it. Honestly it would be more boss if Taiwan completely ignored it, acted like the tests weren’t even happening.

  5. Literally her entire career was spent visiting people under the thumb of the CCP. I was surprised when I visited a Tibetan refugee area in India and people asked me if I knew Nancy Pelosi.

  6. Imagine China getting sanctioned by Taiwan (or destroying chip manufacturing facilities) and getting no chips anymore. No way that they will actually attack Taiwan.

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