1. She becomes Playable in an event after New Year's and her 3rd and 4th Ascension has Ushi being under control of most of the Spirit Origin.

  2. He probably meant a proper version of her like we see at the end of her chapter in Heian-kyo, even if she has control it's still a spirit origin full of grudge so she's not completely herself.

  3. Yes but while her hate towards Yoritomo is justified she wouldn't hate the whole Genji clan normally, her avenger self is a spirit origin with mixed elements. I would like to think she could fit into other classes too so it'd be nice seeing her in her prime.

  4. I'm up for helping her clean that mess

  5. For some reason FGO goes out of its way to avoid using the actual names of lovecraftian deities when it's convenient. Cthulhu, Cthugha and Vulthoom go unnamed despite being associated with Hokusai, Yang Guifei and (partly) Van Gogh, but Nyarlathotep/BBhotep is fair game I guess?

  6. BB doesn't give a damn about copyright!

  7. Douman: B-but i'm hot, aren't i? That's supposed to be enough..

  8. To be fair that title is more badass on Nobu, she earned it with her reputation doing real things. Kama is just a goddess that was born with it.

  9. Which would you want as a servant; Jesus or Odin regardless of the actual possibility of it happening?

  10. Odin would be much more powerful and helpful than Jesus, not only he is wise and has many legendary artifacts, weapons but he would also bring much utility with his runic magecraft. Look at how helpful Skadi is already.

  11. Am i the only one that thought it was a game mechanic for the longest time?

  12. Technically no, Tamamo is Amaterasu. Sure, separating her divinity made her very different from her goddess form but they are still fundamentally the same being, at least that's my take on it.

  13. You mentioning divided spirits made me think of Yang. Is Tamamo's creation like what Yang did in Imaginary Scramble?

  14. I'm not so sure, foreigners are pretty weird. It seemed to me Yang acted more like a terminal of sort to her outer god rather than an actual manifestation since their aim was to create a bridge between them and the imaginary space but they failed to do so, meaning they never actually managed to influence anything directly.

  15. Nobody says she must become a terrorist. Just because she would be an Ascendant doesn't mean she would have to work with them.

  16. That's not how it works, even Luna tried to do her own shit and look where that got her

  17. I didn't actually get to that part yet, but in that case what does Qu and the rest of transcendants have that lets them do what they want?

  18. Transcendants and Ascendants are different things, the former is not linked to the asc net are they?

  19. I get up to 240fps in the PC client so I guess what FPS you get is tied your monitor's refresh rate

  20. What do you have to get it that high? Currently i have 144hz

  21. PS4 controller support and unlocked FPS is all i wanted to hear, i can't believe we're really getting a PC version, Kuro is amazing.

  22. Just find yourself a girl that wants to see the world burn as much as you, that's true love.

  23. Yes Melina i'm a bad boy, kick me in the balls please

  24. Easy difficulty is a joke, already cleared it lol

  25. He's a marine, that means he fought undead, dragons and undead dragons in real life. Listen to him.

  26. Sleep Have intense PTSD attack filled with memories of the Fuyuki fire Wake up drenched in sweat Go do push ups

  27. Having PTSD memories that wake you up at a specific hour sounds pretty useful, no need for alarms anymore and every day you're motivated.

  28. How dare you put our birb chef amongst mere oni

  29. Lamia had SUCH a tragic story. Born into a place that was not at all prepared to raise her, yet they tried in their own flawed way. It was touching how they sent out Lamia to give her a chance to live a life. Now it seems like she’ll just lay low until this is all over.

  30. Holy crap Plume's costume was expensive af but i'll take it, will we ever get other costumes in the future this way?

  31. Yeah, next one will be a coating for Liv Empyreus I think, slightly lower cost at 9k bc/270rc

  32. You'd need to kill some beast men tho. Unless we could just swim but I dread to think what's in the water

  33. Yeah, i feel like as soon as you get in the water you'd get some tentacles up your ass

  34. But Commandant need face to called handsome but he's just a hands lmao.

  35. That's why it's called hand-some, get it?

  36. If by wisely you mean unloading everything as soon as her banner is released then by all means

  37. I like reading but Genshin writing just sucks, they only put effort in the archon quest and the rest is just useless information and wall texts that simply waste time.

  38. Just not signora and her 40 second cutscene. I mean the tornado, not the skippable one

  39. I was going to get Layla but she's cryo and she sucks

  40. I don't hate her but let Lumine talk for once you stupid freeloader

  41. You can actually get her if you play every day and save everything for her starting from 7K BC unless my math is wrong, which probably is because frankly i suck at math.

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