When everyone is looking up. Keep your eyes in the ground. Just a reminder: Pfizer documents the FDA wanted sealed until 2097, are being released today.

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RANT: Dear Leftists, the situation in Ukraine DOESN'T mean that Canadians protesting Vaccine Passports are whiney ingrates who should "shut up and go home". Stop using this war to de-legitimize protests against the tyranny happening RIGHT NOW in your own backyard.

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  1. Second time today I’m getting this error when trying to close trades

  2. Maybe the people at the top are not threatened by us no matter what happens. In their psycho minds, maybe they are trying to further the human species. If you’re lining up for shot 3+ at this point, there is something seriously wrong with how you think. It’s a pretty smart way to get rid of all of the stupid people.

  3. Conditioning all of these years for this main event maybe? It was used as one of the arguments by the NPC’s for getting the vaccine.

  4. CPM’s better be getting low with how many advertisers they have removed for no reason

  5. Yell at him until he gets better. That’s what my brother did for me.

  6. You will be when dealerships are gone because the manufacturer will control the price across the board. Fred’s Ford will just be Ford and no one will be able to negotiate the already spiked price. Some say that is the path we are currently on

  7. Personally I’d prefer that. I don’t see a reason why we need a middleman. If private dealerships actually added value, there wouldn’t be so many laws to force them on us.

  8. I can understand based on your experiences why you would feel how you feel about salespeople. I just ask that you understand that despite your experiences understand that not all of us are one way just as customers are not all one way

  9. I’m just not sure what a sales agent adds unless someone is a moron and has no clue what they want. There are a lot of idiots though.

  10. My main business is advertising on Facebook. I suffer the same issues as you do on a daily basis, while I hate it I try to look from the opposite side:

  11. I had an account manager and they had no ability to do anything. They would just waste my time acting as if they could help. Even with a permanently banned account, my long time account managers just wanted to talk ad strategies to get me to spend more money (on the account that was permanently banned lol)

  12. Not saying Luna’s issues weren’t clear to some, but the appeal to most was that they were at least doing something different.

  13. The last few years have opened my eyes to just how stupid most people are. Try to not let it get you down OP. You’ll be rewarded for thinking differently eventually. You just can’t help these people unfortunately.

  14. How do you move your TrueCAD over to Celsius? I don’t seem to have any options to move it through CDC

  15. Same issue here. Also have double my Algo in the wallet for about 3 days now.

  16. It’s absurd, you’re right. One of the craziest things I’ve learned in the dropshipping world is how poor a company as big as Fb’s customer support is.

  17. Isn’t it funny how they have the nerve to rank your businesses customer feedback score with how they treat their own customers? Ridiculous company

  18. The biggest issue I would have with this is they hold your money for 180 days??? That is insane what if you have a lot of money that you need in there?!

  19. PayPal also sometimes doesn’t even give you your money back after the 180 day hold…

  20. This has happened to me 3 times. Chat support didn’t seem to really understand. They said they would investigate further as they agreed that I should have received rewards. That was a month ago now and they never followed up…

  21. That’s what I came to say. No shit, they had a typed MOU of what they wanted to happen to overthrow the gov. lol

  22. Can you link the MOU for me to read?

  23. If this is their official MOU, I’m not seeing where it says that they wanted to overthrow the government?

  24. Bro this is so smooth-brain. You are saying that they are going to release some documents 75 years early because people are distracted by war and therefore won't read it? The implication being that people won't hear about whats in it?

  25. I am confused by your point…

  26. Are you a bot or just painfully clueless? OP just explained it to you lol. Hopeless

  27. I understand you disagree.

  28. Putin doesn't care. How the Russian population isn't in full riot mode right now I don't know.

  29. They froze your money and told everyone you were a terrorist in Canada for just speaking out about stupid mandates. Even worse was the amount of simples that believed it and do the governments dirty work to further demonize these people. I think we know why the Russian population isn’t eager to go full riot…

  30. this is just my opinion but i would avoid posting political material if you have irl friends on SM. it literally only can cause problems.

  31. I don’t really agree. I was constantly bombarded with their constant postings about how the truckers are racist and should be in jail for not getting the vaccine. Basically every msm ridiculous talking point.

  32. My poorly made argument is that Facebook (with irl peeps) is NOT the forum to be having those discussions. At best it's inflammatory. I would say the same exact thing to them. I think if you want to advocate for your views a personal appeal is powerful. Like, in-person. Cause they know you, optimistically consider you a level-headed person. Online interactions are so synthetic to me.. Everyone is always pissed off online cause social media sucks.

  33. I see what you are saying and I would agree in normal times. This was my first time posting publicly in response to the constant uneducated posts on my feeds. I was hopeful I could potentially reach someone out there that might be like myself.

  34. What makes you think that you know the truth and they don’t? Seems pretty arrogant. Are you always right about everything or is it possible that you could be wrong about some things?

  35. Some people value the truth. They research and look into things before defending it to the death unlike these mainstream sponge NPC’s

  36. It is especially infuriating to see people repeat all of these things as truth because their TV said it. And then to see groups of people spreading it. I feel an out of control hopeless feeling watching the lies be completely unchallenged and so easily accepted.

  37. I feel the same. As someone that has followed this convoy very closely since day 1, I am beyond frustrated and left feeling hopeless for our future.

  38. Probably pull everything except what u need in there now..

  39. What do you guys do with all that cash? Can’t be safe just walking around with it or hiding it at home? I’m not sure what to do

  40. Why do you disagree? Not being rude. Genuinely interested in a different opinion.

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